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Do you know where your mattress has been? We do.

Wolf Mattresses are proudly made in America, with each mattress delivered factory direct to you. We use components from other American factories and prioritize sourcing materials as locally as possible to minimize shipping costs. We seize every opportunity to support American companies, and we are committed to job creation in our local communities, employing as many neighbors as possible.

Most mattresses sold online are made in overseas factories and resold by importers or marketing companies. That’s a long, complicated supply chain; The folks selling them don’t have control over what goes in them or control of them along the way. Your poor mattress is stuffed in a box for months and surrounded by strangers.

Your Wolf Mattress is never crushed in a box for months, sitting in a hot or frozen container, shipping from somewhere overseas. Instead, it's made right here in the Midwest or New England. In fact, your mattress isn’t made until YOU buy it. Then it's manufactured just for you. We make every order from scratch. Each mattress is hand-cut, assembled, and sewn to match your chosen support and comfort levels. Then it’s magically compressed into a box to reduce freight charges and shipped to you in about three days.

We eliminate all those links in the supply chain that drive up your prices. It also means everyone knows where YOUR mattress has been during its lifetime: Wolf > FedEx > You. No extra steps in a foreign land between you and great sleep.

Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied. Wolf Mattress offers free delivery, a 101-night Sleep Trial, and a Lifetime Warranty, giving you peace of mind when you order and sleep on your Wolf Mattress.

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