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Top Reasons to Buy a Factory Direct Mattress

You’re met with countless concerns when buying a new mattress. How soft should it be? What should it be made out of? Does it need to be breathable? All of these are genuine concerns that will crop up during the buying process, yet there’s another you need to be aware of. 

What’s the difference between factory direct vs shipped mattress products? When buying a mattress, you’ll either purchase it directly from the factory it is made in, or it’ll be shipped through multiple supply chains and normally imported from an overseas factory. 

As a result, buying a factory-direct mattress is massively advantageous. Most people aren’t aware of the differences between the two options - or they don’t assume there’s much to think about. We’re here to explain all of the factory direct mattress benefits so you can see why it’s a much better choice. 

More Peace Of Mind For The Customer

You might not think much about buying a shipped mattress that passes through a lengthy supply chain. At the end of the day, you still get the mattress you paid for - right? 

Well, not necessarily. 

Buying from a company that sources their mattresses from third-party manufacturers means that company has no control over what goes in it. They don’t manufacture the product, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll be aware of all the materials. Or, more worryingly, they don’t know what the mattress factory looks like, so there’s no telling what these products could be made alongside. 

There might be harmful chemicals nearby that bleed into the mattress - and let’s not forget about the manual labor involved. When a business has no control over its mattress manufacturing, it can’t guarantee to the customer that the labor conditions are safe and ethical. 

By contrast, a factory-direct mattress is made entirely by one company. There’s no middle-man, no overseas factory, and no worry about what goes into the mattress or how it is made. Customers get full transparency and can sleep easy knowing that their new mattress was made safely under ethical conditions with non-harmful materials. 

Better Quality Mattresses

Having control over the mattress production process allows brands to construct higher-quality mattresses. They can be made using the best materials without worrying too much about keeping the costs low (more on that in a moment). 

When you purchase a shipped mattress, it’s usually made cheaply so the original manufacturer saves money. Moreover, companies will often purchase these cheap mattresses so they can make a larger profit. It’s much harder to make money when you buy something that’s already expensive to make. The mattress seller would need to overprice the product, which drives customers away. 

You’re in this strange situation where the manufacturer saves money by using cheap materials and the seller can make more money by selling a cheap mattress. All this means is that you get a low-quality product that probably won’t stand the test of time and will need replacing. 

Factory-direct mattresses are the complete opposite. They’re built to last and will always be of a much higher quality as they’re coming straight from the source. 

Far Cheaper To Buy

The intriguing thing about factory-direct mattresses is that they’re in a rare position to be better (in terms of quality) and yet cheaper than shipped mattresses. You’re often led to believe that you can only have one or the other - if you want an affordable mattress, you have to skimp on the quality. 

This is not the case! 

Buying a mattress directly from the factory that made it allows for cheaper overall costs for a few key reasons: 

  • No middle-man has to price up the mattress to make money
  • The cost of shipping decreases as the product goes straight from the factory to the customer
  • There are no storage fees to worry about - many mattress sellers account for the cost of storing pre-made items in their overall pricing. When you choose factory-made, the products are made and then shipped with no storage to worry about

Overall, it means that the factory-made mattress is cheaper to make and sell to the public. The real difference is the lack of selling this mattress to another company that then sells it to consumers. You’ll be amazed how much more affordable a quality mattress can be when it’s bought straight from the factory. 

Get A Free Trial For Your Mattress

Is there anything worse than spending hundreds of dollars on a mattress, only for it to feel terrible after a couple of weeks? Nobody truly knows how a mattress responds to their body until they’ve spent a fair bit of time using it. Unfortunately, when you buy a shipped mattress from a standard retailer, you may not have the benefit of a trial period to truly test out your new investment. 

On the other hand, buying a factory-direct mattress will almost always mean you get a free trial. We offer a 101-night trial for all of our mattresses, which is largely possible because we are our customers' sole point of contact. When a mattress is shipped from the factory, we know where it’s going and this makes it easier for the customer to send it back. 

When multiple companies and a whole supply chain are involved, the cost of returning a mattress is excessive for the retailer. It’s also far harder for them - and the original manufacturer might not take it back. 

That’s why many companies don’t do refunds or free trials - if you want to try a mattress and return it if you’re not happy with the performance, you have to buy it straight from the factory. 

Enjoy Better Advice And Improved Customer Service

Think about the fundamental difference between a factory direct vs shipped mattress. 

The former is made by the company selling it while the latter is made by someone else. While you’d like to imagine a retailer reads up on all the information regarding the mattresses they sell, it’s impossible to have the same amount of knowledge as a mattress company that makes its products and sells directly to the consumer. 

Consequently, you will receive better advice and improved customer service when you buy a factory-direct mattress. Any concerns or queries relating to the mattress will be easy to answer as the company knows how it was made, what goes into the manufacturing process, etc. 

Better yet, the company has more knowledge about mattresses on the whole and can offer guidance as to which ones are the best for you based on your unique needs. The company that makes different types of mattresses will test them all beforehand. They know who each mattress suits the best, so the level of customer service you get goes way above what’s expected. It leads to better purchasing decisions so you’re more likely to buy a mattress that suits your requirements. 

Much Faster Delivery Speeds

We’ve constantly mentioned the lack of a middleman when you buy straight from a factory, and it presents yet another benefit for customers. You enjoy much faster delivery speeds, which effectively means your mattress is delivered and ready to use far sooner. 

Buying shipped mattresses can mean you’re waiting up to a week or longer for a new mattress. Getting it from the factory means the whole shipping process takes far less time on average. There’s no need to ship something overseas; it goes from a local factory to your home. 

A Lower Carbon Footprint

The final reason to buy a factory-direct mattress is simple; it has a lower carbon footprint than a shipped mattress. This is mainly down to the point we just raised - shipping times are a lot faster. There isn’t a huge supply chain involved where a mattress is made in one country, shipped to another for storage, and then shipped to another when it’s sold, ready for transit. 

Your mattress goes from the factory to your door, which drastically reduces carbon emissions. Especially if the mattress is delivered by a logistics company using electric trucks or vans! This gives you peace of mind knowing you haven’t bought something that drained the planet’s resources to manufacture and then created a bigger carbon footprint through its delivery. 

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