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man and woman sleeping side by side in an all white linen bed

Bed Buying Guide for Couples: Choosing the Right Size and Thickness

When you are looking for the best bed for couples, you fall into a Goldilocks scenario. Between you and your partner, what is the right size, thickness and firmness can be a challenge. This guide will walk you through the different elements and options out there for getting the perfect fit for you and your partner. 

Choosing the Right Size

Twin Size Beds

Twin size beds give couples a few unique possibilities. If you have a bedroom with limited space, a twin bed can still make it possible to sleep together and have room around the bed to move about. Another possibility is for couples who like their individual sleeping surfaces, twin beds can be the answer to that conundrum. They measure at approximately 38 inches by 75 inches which is a practical solution if you're the type of couples that like separate beds or have different sleeping patterns and prefer the comfort. Squeeze two of them together and you got yourself a makeshift king-size bed with ample space for you both. Just make sure that you don’t mind the individual narrowness.

Full Size Beds

If you are a young couple who just moved in together with limited living space, then a full size bed is a great middle ground when you still need comfort and intimacy with spatial limitations. Full size beds measure approximately 54 inches by 75 inches, giving you more width than a twin while the length remains the same. It might still feel a bit on the cramped side for those couples who are tallish even though it does provide more space to stretch out in. 

Queen Size Beds

Queen size beds measure approximately around 60 inches by 80 inches which is a good step up in terms of space and comfort. It is also the most common mattress size for couples for a lot of reasons. The queen size bed is versatile in that it can fit comfortably into a master bedroom without dominating the floor space. Its size is ideal for those who can’t lie still in their sleep, if your height fits into the tall category of measurements or if you just want to enjoy comfort and space when you sleep. 

King Size Beds

With its lavish size of about 76 inches by 80 inches, king size beds are ideal for couples who are looking for the max personal space, love co-sleeping with their kids or anyone who enjoys expansive and grand sleeping surfaces. You can turn, stretch and toss in this bed without worrying that you are going to encroach on their partner’s space. However, before you click on the check-out button on your cart, make sure that you measure your bedroom first as this bed does take-up a huge chunk of floor space. 

California King Size Beds

If you're the couple who is after more length than width for your bed, then the California king size beds are the answer to your peaceful dreams. Measuring at approximately 72 inches by 84 inches, it gives you more inches in length but a little less in width than a king-size bed. It can balance a rectangular room’s layout greatly without overwhelming the overall space. The California king bed ensures that even the tallest couples can stretch out to their full length, giving you a lux and accommodating sleeping environment.

Understanding Thickness and Comfort Layers

Which is the Right Thickness for You?

If you are on the hunt for the cloud-like experience, then you need to understand the composition of the mattress and also the role of thickness. This means that your mattress must have a well-engineered combination of latex, memory foam, or gel-infused foam layers that give you good support while also contour to your body. Normally, mattress thickness from around 10-14 inches with multiple layers (that is for your support and comfort) are the Goldilocks area if you want the soft and plush sleeping surface. But remember to take into account your sleeping position too when you're out shopping for the perfect mattress thickness.

Finding the Perfect Balance Between Softness and Spinal Alignment

If you want to avoid back pain and look after your spinal alignment, then you should also look closely into the supporting layers when hunting for your mattress. Find a mattress with a system of support layers that can distribute your body weight throughout the night. This will make sure that your spine alignment is maintained and will also give you the perfect balance of softness. 

Material Matters

Depending on the sleep experience you and your partner are seeking, different materials may be more suitable than others. Rather than trying to quickly summarize the different mattress materials available and their features, we have an entire series dedicated to full comparisons along with pros and cons, including:

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