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For over 150 years, Wolf Mattress has helped consumers save money and sleep great – which experts say can lead to a longer natural life. We make everything in our U.S. based manufacturing facility and sell direct to you. You pay less and sleep great!

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The Wolf mattress came on time and in great condition. The packaging was exceptional, and the instructions were super clear on how to “unfold” the mattress. We got the queen firm and have had 5 great nights of sleep on it. Much better than our $2000 Sealy mattress we have in another bedroom. The mattress is obviously well made as we can sleep on the edges without feeling like we are falling off. The firmness is what we had hoped/expected and the memory foam top feels great. I’ll update this review in a few months after more nights of sleep. Very happy with this purchase. Buying mattresses is never easy. We are glad we went with Wolf.

Doug Mauter - 10/13/23

This mattress is amazing! Just used it for the first time last night. I sleep on my back as well as on my side and was very comfortable in any position! I could really tell the difference in quality between this and my old mattress. It also came two days after I ordered which was much faster than I expected.

Mighty Melonhead - 09/27/23

Well worth it, my brother had recommended them to me when I was shopping for a new mattress, after setting everything up was one of the best nights sleep I have had in a long time.

Xevinhort - 11/08/22

Great quality mattresses. We bought our king size over 5 years ago when I was pregnant with our second son. Still comfy today! Great sales lady in the show room, allowed us to see our matress being made and packed since they didn’t have the show room model in stock. Gave us a great deal! Highly recommend.

A Landes - 11/08/21

The staff was helpful and kind. The mattresses we purchased were extremely comfortable and were made with quality.

Jace Foster - 11/08/21

Wow! Great value and great customer service.

Paul Watzlavik - 11/08/20

A really great mattress for an awesome price! I absolutely love my new Wolf mattress.

cold toast - 11/08/20

This mattress is soft , well made and very comfortable. Highly recommended!

Adam McC - 11/08/20

It is comfortable and can be used as a futon mattress or a day bed. The smell did not bother me; in fact it smelled like natural cotton, not chemical-like. Flip mattress once per day, for a few days, before using.

Larry Peretzman - 11/08/20

Very good product. I bought it to my son’s bedroom (Full Size) the Comfort Plus 11″ Medium Innerspring Mattress. It was a surprise when I saw it in a box, but when we opened and waited a time for having it expanding, it was a very good surprise. My son is loving his new mattress.

Isabella Moreno Lemos - 11/08/20

Since last week we have upgraded all of our mattresses to Wolf Mattresses. I can’t say enough about them. From customer service to quality and reasonable pricing, I am exceedingly impressed with them. I am showing our bed and our kids’ beds in the photos. My kids LOVE their beds and they are sleeping so well since getting them. They all work fabulously with the steel platform frames which eliminates the need for box springs. Definitely worth the investment!

Mary Runion - 11/08/20

After many weeks of research to try to find a nice mattress topper for a decent price, we decided on the Serta Futon mattress from Wolf. We purchased the 6″, all cotton option and it arrived in record time. We got to sleep on it last weekend and woke up with no sore bones! That’s an epic bonus. It was firm, but comfortable and the price was better than a 4″ down mattress topper, which would not hold up like this one will. Very happy with this purchase!

Cynthia - 11/08/20

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