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closeup of a light blue heated blanket on a bed and its white controller

Are Heated Blankets Worth It?

If you need some extra warmth at night, you may be considering a heated blanket to help keep you cozy. To help you make an informed decision, we have put together some pros and cons to consider which might help you diffuse any concerns as well as understand whether a heated blanket is worth it for you.

The Pros of Heated Blankets

  1. Energy savings

Perhaps, the biggest benefit that comes with owning a heated blanket, is the fact that they can keep you warm with very little energy. Once you are snuggled under a warm heated blanket, you will not have to worry about turning up the thermostat when it’s cold outside, and some people even find they can turn the heating in their home off completely overnight. Many of them are even fitted with a time or auto-off feature, which means they won’t have to be on all night - they’ll warm up your bed ‘til morning after just a few short hours anyway. As you can imagine, this enables you to not only save energy, but also save a bundle on your heating bills too. It’s worth noting that, although heated blankets will keep you warm, they are very targeted and will not keep the room warm - which might make wanting to get out from under one in the morning an internal dispute.
  1. The mood-boosting benefits

How do you feel when you are cold? Irritable? Miserable? Most of us are not in the best of spirits when we can hear our teeth chattering and feel the lack of feeling in our limbs that comes with freezing temperatures. So, of course, heated blankets can boost your mood and make you feel naturally happier, calmer, and less stressed out than you otherwise might be. Did you know that you burn a lot of energy trying to stay warm? Because of this, it is not unusual to feel stressed out and anxious when you are too cold. Sitting or sleeping under a heated blanket, then, can reduce the amount of energy you burn and allow you to stick at a temperature you are comfortable with, and that is great for promoting calm, restful sleep. woman in a pink robe waking up from a good night's sleep
  1. Gives you a good night’s sleep

When your body is feeling colder than a certain threshold of comfort, then it will be more difficult to sleep well.. This is where heated blankets can be beneficial; they will enable you to warm up your bed, and your body too, so that you can drift off to sleep more easily. Not only that, but they will help your body to maintain the same temperature, so that fluctuations in heat do not end up waking you up and giving you a disturbed night’s rest.
  1. Take away your pain

A heated blanket is not exactly a miracle worker and if you are experiencing regular aches and pains, a doctor should be on your agenda, but it is still fair to say that a heated blanket can help with cramps and muscle aches. Heat has long been known to help ease various pains, and heated blankets are also excellent at promoting blood flow, which can assist with minor pain issues. Alongside a supportive mattress, a heated blanket can have a place in your pain management toolbox.

The Cons of Heated Blankets

  1. The risk of fire

Heated blankets are electrical appliances, and as such, this means there is always a small risk they could catch fire. That being said, modern heated blankets have been expertly crafted to minimize this risk, and are fitted with automatic shut-off mechanisms that should prevent them from getting too hot. So as long as you buy a newer one you should be fine. Oh, and turn them off when not in use too!
  1. Pets could have a problem

Are heated blankets worth it? Maybe for you, but what about your pets? Sadly, not all heated blankets can be used with pets who may decide to scratch, chew, or claw at the blanket, which could cause them to be hurt. So, if your pet likes to snuggle up to you on those cold nights, you should take their safety into consideration.
  1. Washing woes

Not all heated blankets can be washed. Although there are some which can be and it is a feature being included more frequently in newer products. The good news about this particular drawback is that you can purchase removable blanket covers that will help protect your heated blanket, and enable you to have a clean, fresh bed always. No wiring woes to worry about!

What About Your Mattress?

One thing a lot of people wonder, when asking themselves if heated blankets are worth it, is whether or not their choice of mattress will have any impact on their ability to use a heated blanket. From foam, innerspring and hybrid mattresses, there are more choices than ever before. But how does this factor into heated blanket ownership? For the most part, it does not. With most modern mattresses, it is totally safe to use a heated blanket. That being said, some mattresses are definitely less suitable than others. Take, for example, the memory foam mattress. Its awesome ability to mold itself perfectly to your body shape may make for a very supportive sleep experience, but it can also get pretty hot, and high temperatures can change the shape and structure of the foam permanently. The heat can soften the foam, which can cause it to lose its great ability to mold to the body. It is for this reason that most manufacturers will recommend not using a heated blanket with their mattresses. But, if you really do want to bring a heated blanket into your life, it is possible to find some models that clearly state they are compatible with heated blankets, so these should be totally fine. Of course, some heated blankets are made so that you lie underneath them, rather than having them fitted directly to the mattress, and if you have one of those styles, sometimes referred to as heated throws, then the type of mattress you have is less of a factor. Basically, whether you can use heated blankets with your mattress is not a straightforward question to answer, so if you are thinking about investing in one, it is a really good idea to get in touch with the manufacturer and see what they advise. You may also want to look for a heated blanket that specifically states that it is compatible with the materials you have chosen for you mattress. That way there will be no bedtime disasters to disturb your sleep. The (Not So) Cool Conclusion So, are heated blankets worth it? Well, as you can see, there are a number of very persuasive benefits to having your very own heated blanket to snuggle down under when the nights get cold and your usual comforter is just not enough. Although there are a few disadvantages to consider, they are mostly pretty minor in nature and can often be avoided by choosing the right heated blankets, factoring in your mattress, and being as careful as you possibly can. So, yes, we would say that, if you are someone who often feels the cold at night, getting a heated blanket may be a good investment in a better night's sleep.
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