The Price of Falling Back

While the upcoming end of Daylight-Saving Time may feel like a boon, it actually plays havoc on your sleep. The ‘Falling Back’ to sleep part can feel great that first day, but as with any change in a sleep routine, the side effects can last from one to several weeks.

For those that rise early, they are now forced to wake up an hour earlier and go to bed an hour sooner. This sort of shift often causes restless nights and difficult mornings. Besides the early to rise, there’s also the change in the amount of sunlight that is available at this time of year. Instead of skies being dark at 7pm, it now becomes darker by 6pm.

When the sun sets, our body’s internal clock begins to trigger the onset of sleep. When that happens, it’s easy to try and stay awake until the normal bed time, but the truth is that the time your body is used to has changed and it isn’t easy for the body to keep up with that change.

The lack of sunlight as the winter months approach can also lead to an onset of depression and in some cases Seasonal Affective Disorder. Finding more ways to include sunlight can help combat this and so can having a consistent sleep schedule.

The good news? Cooler temperatures make for better sleep. Not only is it more comfortable to have a cool room over a hot and humid one, but cooler temperatures aid the body’s natural deep sleep process (Dobkin). This is also a great time to make a routine. A consistent sleep schedule makes the change much smoother and easier on the body than being inconsistent.

If a bad mattress is already hampering your sleep routine, making it difficult to fall asleep or get the proper rest, then it may be time for a change. Before you go counting more sheep to help you sleep, stop in or visit us online and enjoy the comfort of a Wolf mattress today! Quit Counting Sheep…Sleep with a Wolf!


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