The Cost of Fatigue

Tired employees can be costly to a business. With the holiday season upon us, longer shifts means more exhausted employees. To learn how much this could be costing your business, check out the NSC Fatigue Cost Calculator.

This online calculator was developed thanks to the combined efforts of the Itasca, Illinois-based National Safety Council and investigators at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Its purpose was to help change social norms and thus to generate a culture of sleep health.

The National Safety Council warns that the employees most at risk of fatigue are those that transfer between shifts frequently as their bodies are not given enough time to adjust to the new sleep schedule. The NSC also stated that over 43% of American employees are sleep deprived with 62% of those on the night-shift complaining of sleep loss.

With the holiday season in full swing, be sure to get enough sleep, and to make sure your employees are as well! Of course, having a great mattress helps too! Sweet dreams everyone.


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