Teens Not Sleeping Enough

Before going too far into teenagers not sleeping enough, it’s important to know how much they should be sleeping. Teenagers should sleep eight to ten hours while younger children, ages 6 – 12, are recommended to sleep nine hours. These numbers come from The American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Sleep is important for many reasons. Not receiving enough can be detrimental in many ways. Researchers said in a news release about the January 26 study, “Insufficient sleep among children and adolescents is associated with increased risk for obesity, diabetes, injuries, poor mental health, attention and behavior problems, and poor academic performance” (BedTimes).

While many teens may not be sleeping enough, the issue can be easily solved. Researchers suggested delaying school start times as well as including education to promote sleep health in schools. Of course, parents also have a strong role in the matter. Keeping with a routine both during the week and on weekends was highly recommended. It was also suggested that electronic usage be reduced closer to bed time (BedTimes).

If sleeping isn’t the problem, but waking them up is, be sure to check out our blog: Waking kids up. Remember to stay caught up on your zzz’s, and sweet dreams everyone!


BedTimes. “CDC studies poor sleep among teens.” BedTimes, April 2018, https://bedtimesmagazine.com/2018/04/cdc-studies-poor-sleep-among-teens/. Accessed 23 April 2018.

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