Sweet Z’s on Spring Break

Thinking of doing some traveling during spring break? Travel is good for reducing stress and making for a more relaxing break, when done right. For more on the benefits of travel, check out our blog Spring vacation coming up?

            One of the best ways to help make a break from work or school a success is to make sure the trip you plan includes time for proper rest. If you’re planning a road trip, this becomes more important as drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. “Drowsy driving causes about 72,000 car accidents each year… What many people don’t know is that you don’t need to be overly exhausted to put yourself—and others—at risk: Missing just one to two hours of sleep increases the chance of a crash” (National).

            If you’re driving, the best strategy is to drive when you’re feeling the most alert. For most people, the drowsy moments occur in the early morning, midafternoon, or late at night. Even medications can cause a drowsy-like state as some have sedating effects, such as antihistamines.

            Aside from keeping a lookout for drowsy driving in others and yourself, the best cure is getting plenty of rest at rest stops or a good night’s sleep at a hotel. No matter where your travels may take you, may your break bring you sweet dreams!


“Why You Can’t Skimp on Sleep When Road Tripping.” National Sleep Foundation, https://www.sleepfoundation.org/articles/why-you-cant-skimp-sleep-when-road-tripping. Accessed 2 February 2019.

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