Strange Facts

There are many things we know about sleep, and there are many things we don’t. One of the most peculiar processes of sleep is perhaps the most well-known, REM sleep. We’ve gathered a few of the more unusual facts of this time of rapid eye movement and listed them below. How many did you know?

True or False

Nightmares occur more than pleasant dreams.

This is actually false. While many people may argue that they remember having nightmares, this is simply because frightening dreams are more likely to cause us to wake up, thus making us more likely to remember having them.

Our eyes move rapidly in response to the intensity of the dream.

This appears to be true. The more intense the dream, the more active your eyes will move about.

Inemuri is a Japanese term for “sleeping while present.”

This is true. In fact, sleeping in a business meeting (if done appropriately) can demonstrate that you are a good worker in that you’re working yourself to exhaustion. This socially accepted behavior can be seen by nappers on subways, restaurants, or anywhere not normally thought of as a good napping spot.

Flying and falling sensations are caused by our inner ears.

This is only partially true. There are other parts of the brain that are also active. Together with the inner ear, these parts are what give sleepers the sensation of flying or falling, despite being still.

Everyone dreams in color.

This is false as well. People who are blind from birth have reported no color at all, though they do have dreams and nightmares that are just as emotionally stimulating as people who do dream in color.

We hope you enjoyed these true and false statements about REM sleep! When it comes to providing sweet dreams, there’s nothing quite like a Wolf mattress!


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