Spring vacation coming up?

Spring break is just around the corner for some, and it could be the perfect time to gain some health benefits from a well-deserved vacation. A recent study looked at two different groups. One went on a vacation while the other group stayed at home. The results? Those that went on a vacation had a higher resilience to stress. “The holidaymakers’ ability to recover from stress improved by 29 percent while that of the group that did not travel went down by 71 percent” (Kuoni).

As can be expected, those that went on vacation also had an improved quality of sleep, which meant other health benefits as well, such as “…a decrease in blood glucose levels, reduced risk of diabetes, trimmer waistlines, enhanced mood and better energy levels” (BedTimes).

Christine Webber, a psychotherapist involved in the study, stated: “This study shows that holidays not only feel good, but that they actually help us to be healthier” (Kuoni).

What will you be doing during your Spring Break? We hope you’ll have a chance to enjoy a relaxing vacation somewhere sunny and warm! If nothing else, it’s always a great time to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Sweet dreams!


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