Social Distancing – Why You Need a Good Mattress More than Ever

We’re all in the same boat. Our days involve sleeping and lying in bed. Being stuck at home, practicing social distancing, and self-isolation, we’ve become closer to our beds. Our bed has become our work desk, dinner table, and entertainment room. It’s our best friend!

The point is that we’re spending a lot of time on our beds. However, spending hours on the bed for several days can take a toll on your mind and body. If you still don’t have any intention of getting out of bed, at least give your mind and body a break by investing in a premium quality mattress.

Now, more than ever, you need a mattress that can offer you comfort during the current pandemic.

How does a Bad Mattress Mess You Up?

A bad mattress can put your body and mind in peril. With the majority of your day spent in bed these days, you can imagine your body and mind silently screaming for a good mattress to rescue them. Apart from their silent screams, they’ll give you signs telling you to do something fast!

1.     Stress Levels Will Increase

Coronavirus has already triggered your stress levels, and besides meditation to calm us down, we can’t do much. What we can do is sleep at night to make the days pass by fast! If your mattress is causing you sleepless nights, the days will seem longer rather than shorter. This will cause your stress levels to go through the roof. A good quality mattress can put you to sleep fast and keep your stress levels in check.

2.     Back and Joint Pain Will Occur

Going outdoors puts us at risk for contracting the COVID-19. Visiting the hospital is out of the question because we don’t want to burden our already burdened medical providers. Don’t make your back and joints worsen so much that you’re left with no choice but to head out to visit a doctor.

Make do with over the counter meds if you’re suffering from back and joint and eliminate it entirely by getting a mattress that offers support for your body and aligns your spine. Get a mattress that distributes your weight evenly and relieves the pressure points.

3.     Allergies Will Cause Sneezing

These days, the slightest cold or flu can cause us to go into a panic and our minds to go into overdrive as we worry if we have the virus or not. It’ll panic your loved ones too, especially if they live far away. If your allergies get worse at night or in the morning when you wake up, chuck out your old mattress for a new mattress. Get a mattress made from hypoallergenic, latex, or memory foam material. Go the extra step and put a dust mite resistant cover on your mattress.

4.     Mattress Will Sag

Joint, muscle, and back pain indicate a sagging mattress. Mattresses sag when the springs deteriorate and lose resiliency. Sagging as small as 1.5 inches in depth can cause back pain. If you notice a visible sagging or experience pain, get rid of the sagging mattress. Continuing to sleep on your old mattress will make social distancing a biggerpain than it already is.

5.     Mattress Will Squeak

The squeaking sound you hear when you’re on your own is not from a mouse but from your mattress. This is your mattress waving a white flag, saying its time is up! Your mattress is suffering from a condition called worn out or broken box springs. The symptoms include a lack of support, poor shape, and reduced comfort. Accept your mattress’s defeat, let go of it, and invite a new mattress into your life.

Social distancing is hard enough, so the least we can do is buy a premium quality mattress to make it a little easier.

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