So It Begins

It’s everyone’s least favorite “Holiday” – Daylight Saving Time. Ok, it may not be a holiday, but it’s a right nuisance for sleep, businesses, and routines. This year, the start of Daylight Saving Time begins on March 8th.

Why do we do this year after year? The idea behind this tradition is to adjust the time for the purpose of gaining longer evening daylight in the summer. That means more time outdoors for pool parties, BBQs, and those late evening campfires with the sunset. These all sound great, but there’s a price to pay for this “extra” time of light, and our bodies pay it twice a year.

Sleep debt is often the first thing to go on the rise as well as an increase in heart attacks, sleep loss, sleep disruption, headaches, along with fatigue and other biological rhythms being disrupted. For more on these check out Daylight Saving Time – increasing sleep debt.

The best remedy for this transitional time is a proactive approach. As you may already know and be dreading, this is the time shift that makes us lose an hour of our day, and for many, an hour of sleep. The best solution to avoiding all those symptoms above is to gradually make the switch. That means waking up a few minutes early each day and going to bed a few minutes early at night. Below is a photo with an example of what we mean.

With persistence, and a fantastic Wolf mattress to sleep on, you’ll easily make the shift to Daylight Saving Time!

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