Sleep Resolutions

It should be no mystery that the best way to start off the day right is to have a great night’s sleep. If proper sleep or a proper mattress isn’t on your list for a better year, we suggest adding it! And here are some reasons why: improved memory, stronger immune system, better cognitive clarity, and weight loss.

If those all sound like positives to you, then keep reading as we delve into some simple ways to help you have the sleep you deserve!

Have a routine: While this sounds simple, this is perhaps the best advice we can give. Once a sleep schedule is established, keep with it, particularly on the weekends when it’s tempting to sleep in.

Relax before bed: Having a period of calm before bed makes it easier to fall asleep.

Avoid bright screens: This could be a computer screen, television, or phone. Research shows bright screens negatively impact a person’s ability to fall asleep.

Careful what you eat: Certain foods can make sleeping a real nightmare…literally! For tips on what won’t give you bad dreams, click here.

Be careful what you drink: Just like with foods, certain drinks can make you toss and turn at night. For drinks to avoid, click here.

Sleep apart: While this doesn’t work for all couples, sleeping apart can be beneficial for some. For more on that, check out our blog on Separate Bedrooms for Couples.

Pick the right colors: Believe it or not, the color of your bedroom walls plays a role in how well you sleep. Learn more about this in our blog Sleep and Colors.

Snooze on the right mattress: Nothing can ruin a perfectly good night’s sleep like sleeping on a bad mattress. Mattresses should be changed every ten years. If it’s time for a new mattress with exceptional quality and affordability, give Wolf a try!

Pleasant dreams and happy New Year!

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