Sleep Position and Your Relationship

bigstock-Couple-in-love-45247468 2How you share your bed with your partner may reveal more about your relationship than you might think.  According to research from the U.K. hotel chain Travelodge and relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet most couples sleep in 8 primary positions and each one tells you something.

  1. The Liberty:  27% sleep back to back without touching.  This position shows both closeness and independence where couples are connected and secure in themselves.
  2. Cherish:  23% sleep back to back with touching.  Couples in new relationships often sleep this way because it’s a relaxed, comfortable position.
  3. Spooning:  18% sleep front to back with touching.  One partner is taking a protective posture over the other.
  4. Lovers’ Know:  8% sleep face to face with legs intertwined briefly.  Most couples don’t maintain this position for long.  It’s a compromise between intimacy and independence.
  5. The Romantic:  4% sleep with one partner having their head on the other’s chest.  Partners often sleep in this position early on in their relationship, indicating vibrant, passionate love.
  6. Pillow Talk:  3% sleep face to face without touching.  This position shows a need for intimacy and close communication.
  7. Superhero:  3% sleep lying in a starfish position with partner hanging off the bed.  Not the most romantic of positions with one partner dominating the space, while the other takes a secondary role.
  8. The Lovers:  2% sleep face to face with legs intertwined all night.  This romantic, intimate sleeping position also shows partners lack independence from each other.

So, what is your most common sleeping position?  Sweet Dreams Tonight!  Quit Counting Sheep…Sleep with a Wolf!

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