Sleep Better with these Wolf Inspired Tips!

Getting better sleep isn’t always easy, but it is necessary! Too little sleep can leave you groggy and make it difficult to accomplish your daily goals. Worse yet, insomnia can leave you exhausted the next day. With these easy tips, we can have you sleeping the way you deserve! So, as we always say, “Quit Counting Sheep…

Sleep in a room that is dark, quiet, and cool.
Leave the TV off to prevent unnecessary brightness.
Exercise at least four hours before bed to give your body time to cool down.
Eat food no later than 2 hours before bed.
Put your phone on silent (or silence noisy apps) to avoid unnecessary interruptions to your sleep.

Watch the clock and set a comfortable yet consistent bed time.
Intercourse before bed is good just so long as it isn’t too intense.
Toss and turn less by avoiding alcohol too close to bed.
Hang thicker curtains in your bedroom to reach maximum darkness.

Avoid blue light in your bedroom as you sleep.

Wake up better with no snoozes in the morning.
Outside noises and lights can be distracting, so keep those windows closed!
Limit nap times to 30 minutes to keep it from interfering with your regular sleep cycle.
Fans make for great white noise and for keeping cool!

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