Sleep and Colors

The color of your bedroom walls plays a role in how well you sleep. Some colors suppress sleep while others help maximize its effectiveness. In a study by the hotel brand Travelodge, researchers analyzed 2000 bedrooms to determine which colors helped and which ones hindered sleep.

These are the colors to avoid in a bedroom: purple, red, brown, gray, and gold. The worst color, the study found, was purple. Occupants of a purple room had vivid dreams and nightmares. Their overall sleep was rated the worst. Red came in second for worst amount of sleep. Scientists believed this was due to red being a universal sign of danger. “This fiery hue can equally inspire feelings of passion, love, and energy and has been linked with a rise in blood pressure” (Nestmaven).

Brown rooms were next after red. The color often created a gloomy feel and was associated with sadness. Having a gray room had a similar effect as brown as it brought on dreary and depressing feelings. Finally, gold had a negative effect as many associated the color with financial worries. (Nestmaven)

What colors did promote sleep? The study found that blue, yellow, green, silver, and orange rooms provided participants with the most rest. A lighter shade of blue helped to promote feelings of calm, which could help to prevent nightmares. Lighter shades of yellow and green also provided calm as yellow invoked feelings of warmth and green provided comfort.       Silver helped participants fall asleep faster while orange, in muted tones, helped with creating feelings of coziness and relaxation. (Nestmaven)

Which color would you choose for your room?

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