Should I Say “Yes” or “No” to a Heated Blanket?

It’s that time of the year again when it’s chilly outside, and you want to wrap yourself up in a blanket and doze off. However, your blanket isn’t as warm as you want it to be, and the chill always find a way to seep into your bones.

Waking up in the morning has become a challenge, and you’re ready to strike a peace treaty with the cold weather. Well, you don’t have to! Although we can’t control the winter season, there is a solution — a heated blanket.

What Is a Heated Blanket?

A heated blanket or an electric blanket is made from a sturdy and heavy material featuring an integrated wiring system that provides heat and warmth via the coil wires. You can plug the blankets into your electrical outlet and use the remote to control the heat — low, medium, and high.

Most heated blankets are made from two materials, acrylic and polyester. This combination prevents fire hazards and is interwoven to trap the heat and maintain warmth.

How Does a Heated Blanket Work?

Heated blankets feature interconnected coil wires coated with heat-resistant material. Using 120V of electricity, it provides a steady heat. You can use the heated blanket the entire night or just to heat the bed before going to sleep. It’s often recommended that you not leave them on all night as that can be dangerous.

You can choose from three types of heated blankets. They include a duvet or over-blanket, a throw, or an underblanket. To better decide if a heated blanket can be your solution to cold nights, let’s look at the pros and cons of using one.

Advantages of a Heated Blanket

Say “Yes” if the following advantages appeal to you:

·         Conserves Energy

Heated blankets are energy-efficient and save energy, which results in saving money. Since you’re using a heated blanket to stay warm, you won’t need to increase the heat in the house during the winter. Although they don’t heat your room, they make you stay warm the entire night. Invest in a thicker and high-quality heated blanket, as it will stay warm long after you have turned it off.

·         Gives Your Pain the Boot

The cold weather can trigger pain in your joints and muscles. If you find yourself using a heating pad to alleviate the pain during winter, isn’t it better to get a heated blanket instead? Heat can reduce the pains and aches, and the heat generated from the heated blanket can reduce cramps and muscle tightness.

Heated blankets can also promote blood flow throughout your body, which can alleviate some minor cramps, aches, and pains. Although they won’t relieve chronic pain,  they’re a blessing for relieving those minor ones!

·         Helps You Sleep Soundlessly at Night

If the cold weather disrupts your sleep, a heated blanket may just what you need to start sleeping soundlessly again. When you’re sleeping better at night, your mood improves as well. Temperature changes can make you sick and cause you to stay up the entire night.

It can also wake you up from a deep sleep and lead to fatigue, grogginess, and headaches. Heated blankets keep your body temperature consistent throughout the night.

Disadvantages of a Heated Blanket

Say “No” if the following disadvantages put you off from buying one:

Potential Fire Hazard

Although the wire is coated with a material to reduce the risk of fires, the risk still exists. If you aren’t careful and leave then turned on for an extended duration, it increases the chance of a fire breaking out. You should invest in a heated blanket with an automatic shut-off feature to prevent it from overheating. Even then, ensure you turn off the heated blanket and always double-check, especially when leaving the house.

·         Can’t Wash It

Most heated blankets are not washable because they have wiring. Water can cause a heated blanket to malfunction. Although the manufacturer will give you instructions to wash it properly, you’re still better off using a removable cover. Place it over the heated blanket to prevent it from getting dirty.

·         Pets and Heated Blankets Don’t Get Along

If you have pets at home, you shouldn’t use a heated blanket. Although the pets love the warmth it provides, they may decide to chew, claw, or scratch the heated blanket. This can damage the wires and increase the fire hazard. Exposed wires with electricity running through them can also be a serious danger to you and your pet.

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