Self Test: What’s Your Sleep IQ

taking a testFrom the Power of Sleep by Dr. James Maas:  This self test reveals your general knowledge of sleep.  Answer each question True or False.

  1. Newborns dream less than adults.
  2. Men need more sleep than women.
  3. Not everyone dreams every night.
  4. As you move from early to later adulthood you need less sleep.
  5. By playing audiotapes during the night, you can learn while you sleep.
  6. Chocolate candies provided on your hotel pillow will help you sleep better.
  7. If you have insomnia at night, you should take a long nap during the day.
  8. Sleeping pills are very helpful for people who have had insomnia for months.
  9. Arousing a person who is sleepwalking can be very dangerous.
  10. A soft mattress is better than a hard one for obtaining good sleep.
  11. You are most alert when you first wake up.
  12. To promote optimal sleep the best time to exercise is early in the morning.
  13. A sound sleeper rarely moves during the night.
  14. A boring meeting, heavy meal, or low does of alcohol can make you sleepy, even if you’re not sleep-deprived.
  15. Sleep before midnight is better than sleep that begins after midnight.


All of the preceding statements are false.  If you scored poorly, don’t worry, you are not alone.  More information to follow.  Sweet Dreams Tonight!

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