Rain and Sleep: The Strange Connection

Yawn! That’s a bigger yawn than yesterday.

Don’t you think you’re yawning just a little more than usual lately?

What could be the reason behind your constant yawns and tired and droopy eyes?

We know!

If your area has been experiencing rainy days, then there’s your answer. We know rain and a lack of sleep seems counterintuitive, but the science behind it says rain does make sleep more difficult. The strange connection between the two makes more sense when looking at the reasons behind it.

●       Lack of Sunlight

Your sleepless nights may be due to a lack of sunlight. Waking up in the morning to a beautiful and sunny morning and exposing yourself to sunlight helps your body combat insomnia. Our bodies react to the pattern of light and dark throughout the day.

Our bodies are programmed to sleep when the sun goes down and to wake up when the sun comes up. When monsoon season falls upon us, our sleep-wake cycle undergoes a malfunction. In particular, our optic nerve is responsible for those sleepy mornings.

When the sun is out, melatonin production decreases and increases at night when the sun sets. This cycle helps you fall asleep. On darker and gloomy rainy days, your melatonin production increases, making it difficult for you to get out of bed.

Adding to our grouch level is serotonin. Less sunlight means less serotonin, and less serotonin means “everyone stay away from me!”

●       Bedtime Comes Early

If you find yourself focusing at work for fewer hours during the rainy season, there’s a reason behind it. Your body is used to working in both sunlight and darkness. When darkness comes early, the sandman comes early too, sprinkling sleep dust on you and making it difficult for you to keep your eyes open. Your productivity decreases, and you feel yourself drifting off during those gloomy daytime hours.

●       Low Atmospheric Pressure

Low pressure in the atmosphere leads to rainfall. It also affects your body. Declining pressure in the atmosphere causes oxygen levels to drop. Your body notices the change and slows down your metabolism as a result. When this occurs, there is often an increase in feeling tired or fatigued.

●       The Pitter-Patter of Rain

Have you ever fallen asleep while listening to the pitter-patter of rain falling on the roof? It puts your body right to sleep, doesn’t it? The sound of rain, falling in a steady pattern, calms and relaxes your mind and body. With your optic nerve increasing melatonin production on rainy days, sleep never entirely leaves your eyes.

Everything from the lack of sunlight in the morning, early darkness, low atmospheric pressure, and the sound of rain makes you want to stay in bed and under your blankets all day long. Although there’s no sure way to beat sleep except though sheer willpower on rainy days, you can at least do yourself a favor and invest in a premium quality mattress from Wolf Corporation.

 If you’re going to sleep when it rains, you’d better ensure you receive a peaceful sleep on a good mattress!

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