Altair Extra Firm

100% Made In America
Factory Direct Means Up To 40% Savings For You


Anti-Microbial Safeguard Fibers

Anti-Microbial Safeguard Fibers to give you a safe, clean sleep surface

Cool to Touch Stretch Knit cover

Cool to touch stretch knit cover helps regulate your temperature for a more restful sleep

Gel Infused Convoluted Foam

Gel Infused Convoluted Foam helps regulate your temperature while creating a conforming comfort

Edge to edge layer of Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Gel Infused Foam helps regulate your temperature while creating pressure relieving conforming comfort

8″ Pocketed coil System

8" of Individually wrapped coils provide contouring support and reduce partner disturbance

Paw prints

Paw prints represent amount of temperature regulation, support & pressure relief


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