Planning for Success

It’s that time again to start planning for the start of a new school year. When it comes to feeling rested, being alert, and getting a head start on your day, nothing quite beats a proper night of sleep. As a parent, student, or teacher you may be familiar with the chaos that comes with shifting back into the school year. Here are the ABC’s of a successful transition into the new school year!

  • Adjust to a routine gradually two weeks before classes begin. A gradual change is easier to adjust to than going cold turkey.
  • Be an example to others in your home. Even if you aren’t the one having to return to school, sharing a sleep schedule can make it easier for others to make the adjustment and shows your support.
  • Continue the new routine even after the first week. By sticking with the routine, even on weekends, you’ll avoid disrupting your sleep routine and thus have to start over again.

Now you can quit counting those sheep and start your school year off right. Sweet dreams everyone!

For more tips on sleep, check out our blog Back to School Sleep Routine.

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