Now More than Ever You Need Sleep to Boost Your Immune System

A weak immune system is an open house, welcoming strange and unusual infections and viruses for a tour. Without adequate sleep, your already weakened immune system becomes even less effective at keeping the unwanted intruders out.

Instead of letting your immune system be the target of these unwanted visitors, strengthen your defense with the simple and yet effective solution – a good night’s sleep. Sleeping soundlessly through the night may be one way to keep them out, but it’s surprisingly effective.

Research on the Connection between Sleep and the Immune System

Pain that was bearable before is often less tolerable with poor sleep. Sleep deprivation increases pain sensitivity and may also increase your risk of developing heart disease. German researchers found a connection to sleep influencing the health of your immune system.

A good night’s sleep can increase the effectiveness of T cells in your immune system. Another group of researchers explained the relationship between your sleep and your body’s ability to fight off infections. Even though more research into how sleep boosts your immune system needs to be done, we know from the research so far that sleep does play a vital role in keeping your immune system healthy and strong.

Sleep Kicks Your Immune System into First Gear

When you sleep, your body heals as it repairs damaged cells. Let us ask you this: When you wake up sleep deprived in the morning, how do you feel? We’re guessing the answer is not refreshed. Instead, you likely felt groggy, tired, lightheaded, sleepy, frustrated, among other things.

If waking up without enough sleep becomes routine, your body’s defense mechanism, the immune system, can come crashing down. You may find yourself falling sick with a common cold more often than before. But with sleepy? You strengthen your immune system’s cells and proteins and give your body a better chance of fighting off illnesses and diseases.

Sleep Improves Heart Health

If you don’t have a family history of heart disease, let’s work to keep it that way. You don’t want to develop high blood pressure or heart disease because you haven’t been able to sleep properly. If you have a sleep disorder, consult your doctor.

If you’re not sleeping well by choice or there’s an underlying reason for not sleeping well, such as a faulty mattress, you have the power to do something about it. Fix your routine and change your mattress to a better one. Trust us, it’s not worth compromising your health over.

Invest in Your Health

You need to invest in your health by buying a Wolf mattress. Our mattresses are designed to give you the ultimate comfort along with a peaceful and restless sleep through the night. When it comes to your immune system, don’t put it off until you find yourself sick in bed and still sleeping poorly because you never invested in a good and durable mattress. Because when you’re sick, you’ll be spending far more time in bed than before.

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