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Depressed and Sleeping Less

We’ve mentioned before the dangers of not getting the sleep you need. While depression can be a factor in sleeping less, not getting enough rest can also lead to depression (BedTimes). The good news? Just because one can cause the other, or be a symptom of it, that doesn’t mean it will. Everyone is different […]

Too much REM sleep is a bad thing!

Tired? Exhausted? Sleeping normal hours but waking up feeling like you haven’t slept at all? You may be getting too much REM sleep, and your diet could be pushing you there. REM sleep is the stage where dreaming typically occurs and has faster heart rate and breathing. REM sleep is considered less restorative than a […]

Sleep, Weight Gain, and the Holidays

The holidays are over and New Year’s Resolutions are being put to the test. Those post-holiday snacks and junk food in the cupboards could cost you…close to two pounds, in fact. A study done by the University of Colorado Boulder, had participants that gained roughly two pounds (BedTimes). These same participants slept a mere five […]

The Cost of Fatigue

Tired employees can be costly to a business. With the holiday season upon us, longer shifts means more exhausted employees. To learn how much this could be costing your business, check out the NSC Fatigue Cost Calculator. This online calculator was developed thanks to the combined efforts of the Itasca, Illinois-based National Safety Council and investigators at […]

Another plus for letting Fido sleep in the same room as you!

If you’re a pet owner, then you already know the pros and cons of letting your furry friend sleep in the bedroom, but here’s one more point for the pros side! What’s the catch? While there are benefits to letting Fido sleep in the room with you, it’s still recommended that he be kept off […]

Exercise and Insomnia

Exercise isn’t just good for your health, it’s also great for getting a good night’s sleep and for fighting off the dreaded insomnia! A study done by Kelly Glazer Baron, a clinical psychologist, said that “…older women suffering from insomnia said their sleep improved from poor to good when they exercised. They had more energy […]

Temperature and Sleep

Have you ever noticed that you find sleeping in a cool room preferable to sleeping in a warm one? Or have you ever noticed how amazing a cool pillow feels compared to a warm one? If so, then you won’t be surprised to hear that the perfect temperature for a good night’s sleep is between 60° […]

How do you use your bed?

If you’ve had trouble sleeping at night, it may be due to the way you use your bed the rest of the day. It’s only natural to want to do activities like browsing the internet, reading a book, watching a show, or playing video games in bed. After all, the bed can often be far […]

The Cost of Pulling an All-Nighter

Whether you’re a parent with a newborn or a young child, a college student cramming for a big test or panicking over a ten-page paper, or a worker who’s stressing out over a project due the next day, many of us can relate to the fatigue of pulling an all-nighter. While many try to ‘catch […]

Thinking of Binge Watching a Few Shows?

While staying up late for a rare occasion may have little cause for alarm, doing it too often, as has been indicated in prior research, does have some serious health issues. Binging is often associated with a rise in anxiety, depression and fatigue. As we discussed in a previous blog, time in front of a […]

Sleep Better with these Wolf Inspired Tips!

Getting better sleep isn’t always easy, but it is necessary! Too little sleep can leave you groggy and make it difficult to accomplish your daily goals. Worse yet, insomnia can leave you exhausted the next day. With these easy tips, we can have you sleeping the way you deserve! So, as we always say, “Quit […]

Sleep, Toddlers, and Touchscreens

A recent study by BBC suggests that toddlers who use a touchscreen sleep slightly less than those that don’t. The study suggests that for every hour a toddler spent on a tablet they lost 15 minutes of sleep. On the bright side, it is believed that toddlers who use touchscreens develop fine motor skills quicker […]

Money Trouble Sabotaging Your Sleep?

Financial insomnia is a real thing. Two out of three Americans said their sleep was affected by financial concerns. A survey done in 2009, back when financial troubles were on the rise due to the U.S. economy, job losses, mortgage crisis, and a rise in personal bankruptcy. While some of this has been getting better, […]

Ways to conquer Insomnia without medication

Have you ever lain awake, waiting for sleep to come? Many experts suggest that if you’re awake for more than 20 minutes, that you should get out of bed. An assistant professor of neurology at the University of Michigan Medicine’s Sleep Disorders Center, Shelley Hershner, suggested moving to a dark and quiet room and then […]

Misconceptions about Sleep

The following is from the Better Sleep Council where they looked at common misconceptions about sleep and whether Americans understand what’s correct.  Let’s see how well you fare: Do you believe that nothing’s really happening when you doze?   154 million Americans believe this statement and yet research shows the brain recharges during sleep and stays […]

Are You Getting Enough Shut-Eye?

According to research conducted by the Better Sleep Council, although 85% of people say sleep is important to health, 42% of people report they aren’t getting enough shut-eye.  In fact 66% say they need 8 or more hours of sleep to feel “well-rested and energized in the morning,” but only 27% actually manage that many.  […]

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