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Adjusting to Acid Reflux

Acid reflux afflicts more than 3 million in the US each year. It’s an uncomfortable affliction for those who have it as it causes a stomach acid or bile to aggravate the lining of the esophagus. While there are medications available, some people have found relief in other ways. If you’ve ever suffered from Acid […]

Daylight Craving Time

Daylight Saving Time ended November third. Making the adjustment to the time change can leave your body craving sleep. Just because our clocks show it’s 6 a.m., our bodies still think it’s 7 a.m. Likewise, you may see that it’s 9 p.m., but your brain thinks it’s 10 p.m. That means going to sleep an […]

Night Terrors

Not to be confused with nightmares, night terrors are described as episodes of screaming, intense fear, and flailing while still asleep. They tend to occur more frequently in children and result in a child partially waking up, sitting up, and/or crying. They can be caused by nightmares but are more often caused by an over-arousal […]


October is notorious for being a spooky month, so it may come as no surprise that nightmares may be on the rise. No one likes being woken up one, two, three, or more times in a night by their toddler, but it happens. We’re here to help you lull them back to blissful sleep. We […]

Bed in a Box

Did you know that all Wolf mattresses can be shipped in a box, regardless of size? We use a specialized machine to gently roll the mattress for efficient and less cost shipping. The mattress is then fitted into a plastic sleeve to both protect it during shipping and to help it maintain its shape. Our […]

Understanding Insomnia

What is insomnia?             Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep at night (or day depending on your sleep schedule). What can cause insomnia?             Insomnia can be caused by many factors. Stress, mood disorders, caffeine, alcohol, medication, and even electronics all play a role in the ease of falling asleep […]

Planning for Success

It’s that time again to start planning for the start of a new school year. When it comes to feeling rested, being alert, and getting a head start on your day, nothing quite beats a proper night of sleep. As a parent, student, or teacher you may be familiar with the chaos that comes with […]

Futon Mattress of Your Choice!

All month long we’re offering 10% off our futon mattresses in celebration of a new school year! Need more room in your dorm room or cramped apartment? Our futon mattresses are great for not only providing a comfortable night’s sleep, but they can easily be transformed into a couch to conserve space. Our futon mattresses […]

Hospital Stay

You can’t always take your comfortable Wolf mattress everywhere, though our RV mattresses certainly go more places than most! We’re talking about those prolonged hospital stays. We’re here to help provide you with a great night’s sleep, even if our mattresses and futons can’t be there for you. If you’ve ever had a prolonged stay […]

Best Comfort, Quality, & Prices

Our mattresses, futons, pet beds, and more are all crafted with you and your pets comfort in mind, and with over 145 years, you can be sure of the highest quality. Now through Saturday July 6th, our Factory Direct Outlet Store is here to provide you even better prices as we celebrate Independence Day with […]

Travel Checklist

Sometimes taking a trip doesn’t quite feel real until that travel checklist comes out. Whether you start planning the week before, the night before, or if you pack last minute, that checklist can come in handy as it keeps you from forgetting the important items. While hotels may provide some courtesy items, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, […]

Creating a Perfect Day

We hope the weather holds sunny, warm, and with clear skies this Father’s Day for all the outdoor grilling, kite flying, fishing, or whatever dad wants to do! Picking a gift for dad can be easy, particularly for dads who don’t like to cook. Having a meal prepared for them is a great way to […]

Creative Side

Perhaps one of the strangest periods of our day is the time in which we sleep. While much of our day may be consumed with routine exercises in work, travel, texting, eating, and general living, at night, all that changes. During sleep, our brains shift away from the mundane and into the fantastical. “Some sleep […]

Family Time

When it comes to Mother’s Day, spending quality time with mom is one of the best gifts to give! Flowers, breakfast in bed (on a comfy Wolf mattress of course), or spending the day crafting or shopping together can all be great gifts for mom as well. Don’t forget the sheer joy she’ll have in […]

Strange Facts

There are many things we know about sleep, and there are many things we don’t. One of the most peculiar processes of sleep is perhaps the most well-known, REM sleep. We’ve gathered a few of the more unusual facts of this time of rapid eye movement and listed them below. How many did you know? […]

Sleep Walking

Sleep deprivation is no laughing matter, though it can leave you feeling so out of it you laugh at the strangest things. One of the other side effects from sleep deprivation is sleep walking. Somnambulism, or sleep walking, is a behavioral disorder. This particular disorder is more common in children than adults, so it is […]

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