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4 Benefits of Sleeping on Your Back

Do you pay attention to how you sleep on your bed, or are you someone who sleeps in the same position year after year? Whether you’re the former or the latter, if you’re not sleeping on your back, you’re missing out on the fantastic benefits related to it. Sleeping positions matter! Your overall health and […]

Pair Your New Mattress with a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets contain heavy material such as polypropylene plastic beads or plastic pellets. Other versions include fluffy cotton or another type of stuffing, which give the blanket a more comforter like feel. You can choose from several different sizes and weights— from 4 to 40 pounds—and can use them for both adults and children of […]

A Good Night’s Sleep Starts with a Dark Room and the Right Mattress

If you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while, it may be because your room isn’t dark, quiet, and cool. How dark should you make your room? Make your room as dark as you can, while also not making it so dark you can’t safely navigate the room. You’ll know your room isn’t […]

Mattress Height: Should It Concern You?

Should you purchase a mattress based on its height? Learn if you should buy a mattress based on its height or not on our latest blog.

Is Sleep Deprivation Stopping You from Building Your Empire?

Find out what’s stopping you from starting your own business. We’re here to help find the reason for your sleep deprivation, so you can fix it.

What Is Making You Wake Up from Your Sleep?

Tired of waking up several times during the night? Learn why you do here, so you can make changes to your sleep routine.

Now More than Ever You Need Sleep to Boost Your Immune System

You need to sleep well to boost your immune system. Learn about the connection between sleep and the immune system here.

The Role a Mattress Plays in Turning You into a Morning Person

If you wake up drowsy in the morning, your mattress may be to blame. Learn the important role a mattress plays in helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Mattress Cleaning Tips We All Need in Our Lives

You need to clean your mattress to live a healthier life. Your mattress is a breeding ground for several things, so eliminate them by cleaning it properly.

Tired Child? Could the Problem be in the Mattress?

Your child is being unusually moody and irritable these days. What’s more concerning is that you find them sleeping at the oddest hours in the oddest position. They sleep while eating breakfast, watching TV, and sometimes, while in mid-conversation. You’ve even had complaints of them falling asleep while doing their homework. Next thing you know, […]

Air Mattresses – Why We Say No to Them

Air mattresses are lightweight inflatable beds made from rubber, fabric, or a type of urethane plastic. You can take out your air mattress when you have guests over or when you’re camping outdoors. However, for some people, an air mattress is a long-term option. Are they making a wise choice? For their back and sleep, […]

Firm Mattresses – Yes or No?

If waking each morning has become a pain, both mentally and physically, the problem could be with your mattress. Find out if a firm mattress can get rid of your problems.

Social Distancing – Why You Need a Good Mattress More than Ever

Make social distancing a little easier on your body and mind by investing in a high-quality mattress. Read to know why you need a good mattress.

Sleeping Habits Giving You Restless Sleep

What are you doing in the middle of the night? “Staying awake in bed, not sleeping.” Who’s to blame for your sleepless nights? “My awful sleeping habits.” Your poor sleeping habits are keeping you wide awake at night, but don’t stress because you’re not alone in this. Most people spend time counting sheep at night, […]

Save More Money to Sleep Better

When you’ve financial stress, sleep is the last thing on your mind. Each time you hit the bed, feeling tired and exhausted, thinking you’ll fall asleep immediately, your brain goes into overdrive. All you can do is think about ways to save money. With your thoughts keeping you awake at night, your sleep suffers. How […]

Sneezing, Wheezing, and Fitful Sleeping

Many pet owners know the troubles of being allergic to their furry pal. There’s the usual drill of dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, bathing said furry friend, and washing everything they’ve touched. While some go to extremes to enjoy their time with their pet, we have an added solution of our own to help reduce those nights […]

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