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The Role a Mattress Plays in Turning You into a Morning Person

If you wake up drowsy in the morning, your mattress may be to blame. Learn the important role a mattress plays in helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Mattress Cleaning Tips We All Need in Our Lives

You need to clean your mattress to live a healthier life. Your mattress is a breeding ground for several things, so eliminate them by cleaning it properly.

Tired Child? Could the Problem be in the Mattress?

Your child is being unusually moody and irritable these days. What’s more concerning is that you find them sleeping at the oddest hours in the oddest position. They sleep while eating breakfast, watching TV, and sometimes, while in mid-conversation. You’ve even had complaints of them falling asleep while doing their homework. Next thing you know, […]

Air Mattresses – Why We Say No to Them

Air mattresses are lightweight inflatable beds made from rubber, fabric, or a type of urethane plastic. You can take out your air mattress when you have guests over or when you’re camping outdoors. However, for some people, an air mattress is a long-term option. Are they making a wise choice? For their back and sleep, […]

Firm Mattresses – Yes or No?

If waking each morning has become a pain, both mentally and physically, the problem could be with your mattress. Find out if a firm mattress can get rid of your problems.

Social Distancing – Why You Need a Good Mattress More than Ever

Make social distancing a little easier on your body and mind by investing in a high-quality mattress. Read to know why you need a good mattress.

Sleeping Habits Giving You Restless Sleep

What are you doing in the middle of the night? “Staying awake in bed, not sleeping.” Who’s to blame for your sleepless nights? “My awful sleeping habits.” Your poor sleeping habits are keeping you wide awake at night, but don’t stress because you’re not alone in this. Most people spend time counting sheep at night, […]

Save More Money to Sleep Better

When you’ve financial stress, sleep is the last thing on your mind. Each time you hit the bed, feeling tired and exhausted, thinking you’ll fall asleep immediately, your brain goes into overdrive. All you can do is think about ways to save money. With your thoughts keeping you awake at night, your sleep suffers. How […]

Sneezing, Wheezing, and Fitful Sleeping

Many pet owners know the troubles of being allergic to their furry pal. There’s the usual drill of dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, bathing said furry friend, and washing everything they’ve touched. While some go to extremes to enjoy their time with their pet, we have an added solution of our own to help reduce those nights […]

Gone Camping

It’s that wonderful time of year again! The part of the year where there’s no school for a week. That means there’s a week of rest, adventure, or that fun time of procrastinating school projects or papers. Whatever your Spring Break plans are, there’s one thing we’ll all be doing, or aught to be doing, […]

So It Begins

It’s everyone’s least favorite “Holiday” – Daylight Saving Time. Ok, it may not be a holiday, but it’s a right nuisance for sleep, businesses, and routines. This year, the start of Daylight Saving Time begins on March 8th. Why do we do this year after year? The idea behind this tradition is to adjust the […]

Sweets, Drinks, and Valentines

It’s no wonder that chocolate coated confections are the prime gift to give on Valentine’s Day. Some claim that, “Chocolate can stir affection and awaken the taste buds…” (O’Connor). While this may occur, there are some important things to know about this sugary delight and how it can affect you and your Valentine’s sleep. Before […]

Sleep Paralysis

What is sleep paralysis? What causes it? Is it dangerous? Sleep paralysis may sound terrifying, but it’s actually a normal function of our bodies that is meant to keep us from harming ourselves. So, what is it? Sleep paralysis is noticeable when a person is just falling asleep or waking up. Often, the person is […]

Creative Dreamers

It’s a new year and we’re looking back at an old question: What makes you more likely to remember a dream? While studies have records from people who described their dreams, it isn’t always clear why some people remember their dreams and others don’t. It also isn’t clear if being more creative makes for more […]

New Year’s and Sleep Deprived

New Year’s is probably the shortest holiday of the year, considering its focus is on that one-minute countdown to midnight. That isn’t to say that some don’t celebrate with parties, dance competitions, or that such celebrations don’t go into the next day. While that one minute is the pivotal moment of the night, it’s also […]

Sweet Dreams

The holidays aren’t over yet, but here are some simple, yet effective, ways to help keep you looking and feeling your best. Keep up with sleep routine. Sleep routine helps prevent sleep deprivation symptoms like headaches, fatigue, daytime drowsiness, tossing and turning, etc. Keep up with exercise routine. Exercise helps combat the extra holiday snacks […]

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