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Tips for happily slipping into sleep

Taken from BedTimes Magazine, December, 2015:  Sometimes worry keeps brains busy firing and pushes sleep off indefinitely.  Today.com asked a few sleep medicine experts for easy ways to smile before hitting the hay. Color like a kid; don’t throw away those old coloring books! Read an amusing book Say “om”, mediation or guided imagery…think about […]

If You Really Can’t Sleep, Get Up

Getting out of bed may be the last thing you feel like doing when counting sheep just won’t work, but it can actually help you fall back to sleep faster — and reduce the stress of staring at the clock. “When a person stays in bed and they can’t sleep, the bedroom can induce a […]

Less Stress Next Year!?!

Elizabeth Scott, M.S., Stress Management Expert Suggests:  The ways in which we spend the holiday season can leave us feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready for the new year.  Yeah…right…that’s not how I am feeling right now.  What might I do differently?  Exercise during the holiday season. Watch what you eat:  eat some of what you […]

Control your Budget by Sleeping On It!

According to BedTimes Magazine, December, 2015:  With the season of increased spending upon us, does a good night’s sleep make a difference in curbing impulse buys?  Researchers at UMass Amherst and Harvard say yes.  With two experiments, researchers found that those who considered purchasing a laptop either in the morning or later at night had […]

Postlunch dip…Due to heavy food consumption?

Taken from the Power of Sleep:  Recent research indicates that the human body is inclined to rest in the middle of the afternoon as well as at night, even after adequate nocturnal sleep.  A heavy meal at lunch doesn’t make you sleepy, it simply unmasks the physiological sleepiness that’s already in your body.  The “postlunch […]

Self Test: What’s Your Sleep IQ

From the Power of Sleep by Dr. James Maas:  This self test reveals your general knowledge of sleep.  Answer each question True or False. Newborns dream less than adults. Men need more sleep than women. Not everyone dreams every night. As you move from early to later adulthood you need less sleep. By playing audiotapes […]

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Have you ever been to a seminar or in a class where someone asks, “How much sleep do you get each night?”.  I am always surprised by those that say 4-5 hours is all they need and stick their chests out thinking this is something to be proud of.  As a normal practice I get […]

Babies and Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, Newborns sleep a total of 14 to 17 hours a day on an irregular schedule with periods of one to three hours spent awake.  When infants are put to bed drowsy but not asleep, they are more likely to become “self- soothers,” which enables them to fall asleep independently […]

The Post Lunch Dip…It’s Normal

According to the National Sleep Foundation,  We naturally feel tired at two different times of the day: about 2:00 AM and 2:00 PM. It is this natural dip in alertness that is primarily responsible for the post-lunch dip. So, the next time you yawn after eating lunch, know that it is normal, but you may […]

Exercise and Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, In general, exercising regularly makes it easier to fall asleep and contributes to sounder sleep. However, exercising sporadically or right before going to bed will make falling asleep more difficult.  So, get up, go for a walk and Sweet Dreams Tonight! For tips on what to Eat to Sleep, check […]

Sleep Deprived…Are You?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, One of the primary causes of excessive sleepiness among Americans is self-imposed sleep deprivation.   Take a nap this weekend  and enjoy your Sweet Dreams Tonight!

Infants and Sleep…Sweet Dreams Tonight!

According to the National Sleep Foundation:  When infants are put to bed drowsy but not asleep, they are more likely to become “self- soothers,” which enables them to fall asleep independently at bedtime and put themselves back to sleep during the night. What do you have to lose?  Hours of sleep….Give it a shot and […]

Support…When is Enough, Enough?

Everyone has different likes and dislikes.  This is true with different types of mattresses although somethings are true for everyone.  Your mattress needs to support your body in a neutral position, one in which your spine has a nice curvature and your buttocks, heels, shoulders, and head are supported in proper alignment.  If a mattress […]

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Selecting a New Mattress!

When purchasing a new mattress there’s no direct correlation between price and comfort.  Getting a good night’s sleep is based on many factors—comfort, stress level, room temperature, and, of course, a comfortable mattress.  If you wake up in the morning and have some pain, but stretch and move around a bit and the pain leaves, […]

Beauty and Sleep

From Bedtimes Magazine:  It has been proven that sleep deprivation can actually accelerate the aging process.  Sleep decreases stress hormones, such as cortisol.  Insufficient sleep causes cortisol levels to rise, and cotisol inhibits the formation of collagen, a protein often referred to as the “glue that holds the body together.”  Sleep is good for you. […]

Aging and Sleep

From Bedtimes Magazine:  As people age, their mattress needs change because their bodies and physical conditions change—and sleep becomes more important.  Issues such as the height of the bed, adjustability and edge support often need to be addressed when consumers are considering the purchase of a new mattress.  The National Sleep Foundation recommends one gets […]

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