New Year’s and Sleep Deprived

New Year’s is probably the shortest holiday of the year, considering its focus is on that one-minute countdown to midnight. That isn’t to say that some don’t celebrate with parties, dance competitions, or that such celebrations don’t go into the next day. While that one minute is the pivotal moment of the night, it’s also the cause of sleep deprivation for many as most people do not typically stay up till midnight or later.

We’ve talked before about the dangers of sleep deprivation in our posts on The Cost of Pulling an All-Nighter and The World of Sleep. Now we’re here to help prevent sleep deprivation from disrupting your life for two or more weeks after New Year’s.

Here are some tips to help get you through New Year’s Eve.

  1. Nap. Take a nap in the afternoon. As long as the nap isn’t longer than an hour, your sleep routine should be just fine, even if you stay up a little past midnight.
  2. Avoid 3am festivities. Don’t overdue the festivities. While a nap can help prevent issues from staying up past midnight, going an hour or two past that point can disrupt your sleep schedule and result in sleep deprivation.
  3. Avoid caffeine. Steer clear of caffeine before a nap and after 5pm on New Year’s Eve. Caffeine stays in the system for six hours and can cause issues with falling asleep. Learn more about the effect of different beverages in Travel, Sleep, & Beverages and Food Induced Nightmares.
  4. Avoid alcohol. This one isn’t easy, but since alcohol disrupts the rhythm of sleep (even if it seems to help you fall asleep), it’s best to be avoided after 5pm as well. To learn more about this tricky beverage, check out our blog on Travel, Sleep, & Beverages.
  5. Avoid certain foods. Just like with the caffeine and alcohol, different foods can disrupt your sleep as well. Its no fun if your new year starts off with nightmares or an upset stomach. But If You Must…
  6. Keep a similar routine. Wake up at a normal time on New Year’s Day. The best remedy is to stick as close to your normal sleep routine as possible.
  7. Drink caffeine. Caffeine is your friend until 2pm. Drinking caffeine to help stay awake works for today, but just remember that drinking past 2-3pm can result in sleep disruption.
  8. An hour early. If you’re feeling drowsy, going to bed an hour early on New Year’s Day can help prevent sleep debt.

We hope your one-minute holiday celebration is a blast. And remember, it doesn’t hurt to have a comfortable mattress to sleep on!

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