Is Sleep Deprivation Stopping You from Building Your Empire?

You’re trying to start a business, but the lack of sleep each day prevents you from thinking clearly. At the same time, you’re working to build someone else’s business so you can keep paying the bills. You can’t quit until your business is up and running, but sleep deprivation has delayed your dream of building and heading your own empire.

What is causing your sleep deprivation?

You’re sleepy and tired when you come home, but as soon as you lay in bed, you pass out. Or perhaps you go to lay down and you can’t sleep and you toss and turn, thus you find yourself once again not getting enough sleep. Let’s figure out what may be causing your sleep deprivation.

1.     Voluntary Behavior

Voluntary behavior is choosing to stay up late, to work late, or to consume foods you know will keep you up at night. On the weekends, you may find yourself spending your day recovering from the lack of sleep, which can also lead to sleep disruption as your body is used to routine. Sleeping in on some days and not others can disrupt that routine.

Our advice? If working late is what’s causing you to forgo sleep, then we would suggest looking at your schedule to see how you can extend your sleep to get a proper amount. Keeping a schedule would also counter the disruption of your sleep routine. With a routine in place, you may just find yourself more awake and alert and possibly with more time to focus on creating a business plan.

2.     Too Much on Your Plate

You may have taken on too many projects at once. Maybe you’ve found that while you’ve been working while trying to start your business, you’ve also taken on more responsibilities such as caring for a sick person, looking after a newborn baby, or maybe you’re freelancing in your free time.

If you want to build your empire, it will take much longer to happen, if at all, if you take numerous additional responsibilities on top of your existing ones. Here’s what you need to do. List down all your responsibilities from high priority to low priority, and let go of the low priority responsibilities. Not only will this free up time, it can help with your sleep as it reduces your stress. Stress, as you may know, plays a role in how well you sleep.

3.     Long and Irregular Work Hours

If you work long hours or odd hours, you may never find the time to create your business. If your workplace has flexible working hours, select the hours that suit you. You need to dedicate most of your time to your own business and if you have already started your side business, dedicate more time to it so it can grow.

Flexible working hours will help you concentrate on both work and your business. If your workplace doesn’t offer the option to change your work timings, consider switching jobs. You can’t work in a job that takes most of your time and leaves you so sleep-deprived that you can’t pay attention on what matters the most— your new business.

4.     Medical Condition

You may wake up with pain in your joints or back each day. Your aching joints and back pain may be causing your sleep deprivation. That aggravating chronic pain could be caused by your mattress. If you haven’t changed your mattress in ten years or more, then it’s time for a new mattress.

Spring mattresses have coils that form pressure points and lead to uneven weight distribution. You can feel extra pressure on your hips, knees, and shoulders due to poor spinal alignment when you sleep in specific positions.

Try switching your mattress to one with memory foam to help reduce pain and place less pressure on pain points. With a Wolf hybrid mattress, you’ll have the support of a spring mattress with the comfort of foam.

You can start building your empire just as soon as you do less, take on fewer responsibilities, and fix your work schedule. If you have a medical condition that your mattress is responsible for, contact Wolf Corporation. Let’s help you find a mattress, so you can conquer your dreams to run your own empire.

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