How do you use your bed?

If you’ve had trouble sleeping at night, it may be due to the way you use your bed the rest of the day. It’s only natural to want to do activities like browsing the internet, reading a book, watching a show, or playing video games in bed. After all, the bed can often be far more comfortable than the couch. As lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew puts it, “The lounging that was once done from the comfort of our living rooms has shifted over to our bedrooms” (Bedtimes).

So what’s the problem with doing a few extra activities in bed? As we’ve mentioned before in our previous blog on touchscreens and binge watching, doing the wrong types of activities before bed can inhibit our rest. Using beds for more than sleeping or intercourse can also lead to habits that reduce the amount of sleep we get as well. We are creatures of habit, and when we start to do more activities in bed like watching TV, reading books, checking email, and so on, it trains our brains to remain active when we really need to be winding down for the day. When it comes to receiving proper rest, an active brain is the last thing anyone wants.

Kicking those usual bedtime habits could be the start a better night’s sleep. Of course, having comfortable pillows and a proper mattress doesn’t hurt either! As always, “Quit Counting Sheep…Sleep with a Wolf!


BedTimes. “Make no mistake—people love their beds.” BedTimes, August 2017, https://bedtimesmagazine.com/2017/08/people-love-beds/. Accessed 26 September 2017.


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