Here’s to Your Next Brainstorm!

The following is taken from an article by Jeffrey Kluger “Wake Up to Your Creativity”.  Paul McCartney said that he came up with the melody for “Yesterday” in a dream.  When one sleeps the brain thinks more visually and intuitively.  It’s no secret that sleep can be a well of good ideas–what we’re learning now is how to dip into it. The best strategy for remembering dreams is keeping a journal next to your bed.  Avoiding alcohol and caffeine is also wise.  Engaging in some type of pre-bedtime priming–contemplating a problem you’d like to solve–increases the likelihood that sleep will bring some answers.  You have problems every day, and you go to bed every night.  Even if you don’t think of yourself as creative, your sleeping brain will sometimes prove otherwise.  Here’s to you waking up tomorrow to that “Aha” moment.  Sweet Dreams.

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