Gone Camping

It’s that wonderful time of year again! The part of the year where there’s no school for a week. That means there’s a week of rest, adventure, or that fun time of procrastinating school projects or papers. Whatever your Spring Break plans are, there’s one thing we’ll all be doing, or aught to be doing, and that’s sleeping!

Regardless of if you’re staying home or going on a camping adventure, Wolf Mattress Corporation has the mattress that is sure to send you off to a land of sweet dreams and wonderous adventure.

If camping is in your agenda, however, we would recommend our Sweet RV Mattresses. If you have a bunk in your RV, there’s no worry as we offer Journey RV Bunk Mattresses. For those without bunks, we have our Journey RV Eurotop Mattress. With over 146 years of experience, you know you can trust us to create a mattress with optimal comfort. Wolf’s RV bunk mattresses feature Cottonique, the result of a revolutionary process that Wolf’s own fiber division took years to develop.

Cottonique combines selected grades of cotton with polyester fibers for a unique, durable upholstery blend that outperforms and outlasts traditional cotton batting. As a result, Wolf’s RV bunks are more resilient, comfortable, and surprisingly light. Combined with a core of Wolf’s own bonded poly pad, a foam replacement pad, Wolf’s RV bunks provide a new level of both support and comfort.

When you order directly from us, you can be sure of significant savings! All of our mattresses can be compressed, rolled, boxed and shipped for easy shipping and installation! Every Wolf RV and Bunk Mattress meets all 16 CFR part 1633 and MVS 302 fire standards. Proud to say Made in the USA!

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