Firm Mattresses – Yes or No?

How are you sleeping these days? “If you call continuously tossing and turning sleep, I am sleeping well.” We get it! You’re feeling frustrated, irritable, angry, and sad. And on top of it, you’re waking up with body aches. You neither look forward to your mornings nor your nights.

The sight of your bed repulses you – well, it is the sight of your nightmares, reminding you of your sleepless nights. When you look at it, you feel like it is laughing at you, and you just want this nightmare to end. We want to help you put an end to it!

For that, we’ll need to take a closer look at your mattress – the source of your pain – and answer the age-old question, “Are firm mattresses a yes or a no?”

1.     Promote Better, Longer, and Restful Sleep

Did you know that you spend about a third of each day in bed? If you have a bad mattress, it’s bound to affect your sleep. Your mattress affects the network of capillaries or fine blood vessels under your skin. Lying down on your mattress for long durations reduces the blood flow, resulting in oxygen and nutrient deprivation.

Your nerve cells and pain sensors send a signal to the brain to roll in alleviating pressure from the blood vessels, thus briefly interrupting your sleep. Soft mattresses are lumpy and not good for your body. On a soft mattress, you won’t just be changing positions in your sleep, but you’ll be waking up with back pain. Firm mattresses offer deep and uninterrupted sleep through the night, and you wake up fresh, energetic, and pain-free.

2.     Bid Farewell to Body Aches, Illnesses, and Diseases

Sleeping on a firm mattress rejuvenates your cells, whereas sleeping on a soft mattress causes headaches, exhaustion, fatigue, back pain, and more. Since your body requires a good night’s sleep to strengthen its defense mechanisms, a restless and sleepless sleep weakens its defense mechanisms, weakening its walls and making it easier for illness and diseases to infiltrate.

Firm mattresses restore body cells, reduce insulin levels, and activate hormones. Not only are you a picture of health, but your body aches also disappear. A firm mattress distributes your weight evenly, aligning your spine, joints, and muscles. Firm mattresses keep your body in a neutral sleeping position and correct spine alignment to reduce body aches.

Research involving participants with long-term back pain discovered that on a ten-point hard to soft scale, participants who slept on a medium to firm mattress reported experiencing less back pain than participants sleeping on a softer mattress.

3.     Suitable for People on the Heavier Side

If you’re on the heavier side, a soft mattress is not doing you any favors. Soft mattresses buckle down on pressure, sagging under a lot of weight and dying a premature death. If you have a soft mattress and are on the heavier side, do you find it difficult to get out of the bed? Most people will say, “Yes, the struggle is real!” A firm mattress is a long-lasting mattress that will end the struggle for good!

4.     Ideal for Couples

The slightest noise and movement wakes you up. Your partner, a heavy sleeper, continues to roll, toss, and turn in bed while you stare at their face in contempt. For light sleepers, a firm mattress can help get a good night’s sleep. It can rescue them from sleepless nights. Firm mattresses absorb energy from movements and prevent motion transfer. Both of you will sleep peacefully in bed.

5.     Cool Down Body Temperatures

For you, summer signals the start of restless sleep. Your body temperature increases, putting a gap between you and sleep. Close the gap with a firm mattress. Soft mattresses cause you to sink down and absorb more body heat, whereas firm mattresses promote the release of more body heat into the air. With a firm mattress, you’ll be sleeping better and cooler.

Clearly, sleeping on a firm mattress is a firm YES! If your partner just doesn’t agree on getting a firm mattress, you can compromise by getting our dual mattress with one firm side and one soft!

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