Embracing the New Era: Wolf Mattress under Blue Bell’s Wings

Fort Wayne’s Trusty Sleep Experts Team Up With A New Partner

Welcome to the dawn of a new era at the Wolf factory and Outlet Store. Let’s dive into the inspiring changes that our beloved local brand has undergone and understand what the future holds.

For those not familiar, Wolf Mattress has been a symbol of trust and comfort in Fort Wayne and in the USA since 1873. It is a fourth-generation family business that has diligently crafted mattresses, selling directly to the public on Maplecrest Road. However, a fascinating turn of events occurred recently when Blue Bell Mattress, a third-generation company established in 1928, acquired Wolf Mattress.

Derek Ritzel, the new owner and a representative of Blue Bell, spoke about the acquisition, highlighting the similarities between the two companies and the shared values that made this fusion seamless. The former owner of Wolf Mattress, looking to retire, found a fitting successor in Derek, ensuring the continued production of mattresses right here in America with the dedicated workers of Fort Wayne.

The Factory Store in Fort Wayne now boasts a broader selection of technologies, comforts, and price ranges, satisfying a diverse range of shoppers. It’s not just the Wolf brand that Fort Wayne has known and loved for a long time, but also nationally recognized brands that Blue Bell brought with the acquisition.

Speaking of variety, Derek mentions a unique product that retails for about $10,000 and represents one of the most technically advanced mattresses you can find. This fascinating contraption creates a map of your body as you lay on it, maintaining perfect back support no matter how firm or plush you prefer it. This adaptability extends to both sides of the mattress, enabling each person to tailor their sleep experience.

However, the uniqueness of our Factory Store goes beyond the products. Here, we’re manufacturers, not just marketers. Our mattresses aren’t stored in containers for months on end, shipped across the world. They are made locally and upon demand, by the dedicated hands of Fort Wayne’s workers. Every mattress you order, we make it here in the US.

This direct factory-to-customer model provides unmatched value. When you buy a mattress from us, you pay roughly 40% less than if you were purchasing from a retailer. But the value isn’t just in the price—it’s in the experience too.

Our showroom is a perfect starting point if you’re looking for a mattress, but we also understand that the most important thing when searching for a mattress is to try it. Online purchases might rob you of that experience, but never fear! In store or online Wolf offers a 101 Night Trial, so you can decide for yourself what fits your comfort and budget best.

This new chapter in our story is an exciting one filled with innovation while staying true to our roots. We invite you to witness it first-hand, explore our diverse range of products, and find the perfect match for your sweet dreams. Experience the new era of Wolf Mattress, now under Blue Bell’s wings.

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