The Cost of Pulling an All-Nighter

Whether you’re a parent with a newborn or a young child, a college student cramming for a big test or panicking over a ten-page paper, or a worker who’s stressing out over a project due the next day, many of us can relate to the fatigue of pulling an all-nighter.

While many try to ‘catch up’ on missed sleep, helping your body to readjust to a proper sleep schedule isn’t as easy as it sounds. That one night of missed sleep can alter your sleep pattern for days to come.

Dr. John Salerno of The Salerno Center in New York says, “…lack of sleep throws your body off from its daily routine, which makes it more difficult to readjust to your normal bedtime schedule the next day.” He also stated that, “All-nighters and late nights alter your pattern and therefore affect your sleep schedule, making you drowsy for several days to come.”

It can take days or possibly weeks for a body to return to its regular sleep schedule. The best cure? Consistency. Of course, avoiding all-nighters is really the best plan; however, if it can’t be avoided, the best way to help your body return to its normal sleep routine is to return to a regular sleep routine. And keep it!

Salerno goes on to warn of the dangers of pulling too many all-nighters. Among the concerns were weight gain as a lack of sleep can create an imbalance in hormones as it increases the production of ghrelin and reduces that of leptin. In turn, the digestive system can begin to function abnormally and alter the way your body filters glucose, an important process indeed! Long term effects include diabetes and kidney failure.

While most of us don’t have enough sleepless nights to be concerned with diabetes and kidney failure, it is still important to get the rest our bodies need. A little planning ahead can go a long way for reducing stress and reducing the risk of having to pull an all-nighter. Having a proper and enticingly comfortable mattress can help too! Sweet dreams everyone!


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