Beds4Kids Program

Wolf Corporation has a proud tradition of producing high-quality product for their customers; but also to give back to their community.  We take pride in a great partnership with the Mustard Seed Furniture Bank of Fort Wayne, which was established in 2002 with the mission, “To provide household furnishings to families and individuals as they rebuild their lives after suffering disaster, personal tragedy or other misfortunes.”


When a family is referred to the Mustard Seed with children age 2-17 who need a bed, they are provided with everything they need for each child in their home to get a good night’s sleep – a new foundation, mattress and pillow, also a bed frame, a blanket and set of sheets are included to snuggle into!


When children sleep on the floor, on a broken mattress, or with others in a small bed, they do not get as much critically needed sleep. The children are then tired, which limits their ability to actively participate in school, eventually resulting in lower grades. They may lose interest completely and drop out of school. With a new bed and all of the trimmings, children will get the rest needed to grow up healthy, pursue their educational goals, and become leaders of our community.


Wolf Corporation is proud to be the manufacturer of all of their foundations and mattresses to support their Beds4Kids Program; but also to supply their on-going need for bed frames as well.  Since 2002, the partnership between Wolf Corporation and the Mustard Seed Furniture Bank of Fort Wayne has provided over 6,300 children with a bed of their own and that number continues to grow with each day!



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