Bed in a Box

Did you know that all Wolf mattresses can be shipped in a box, regardless of size? We use a specialized machine to gently roll the mattress for efficient and less cost shipping. The mattress is then fitted into a plastic sleeve to both protect it during shipping and to help it maintain its shape. Our unique rolling process helps protect the cushioning materials, meaning you’ll have the same level of comfort as a non-rolled mattress.

            Because our mattresses arrive in a smaller box than a non-rolled mattress, you both save money and time as the mattress is less costly to ship and doesn’t require you to sign for the package. With a Wolf mattress arriving in such a manageable box, you’ll have less hassle than dealing with a much larger non-rolled mattress. Being smaller and more compact, it also reduces the likelihood of damaging your home or apartment when moving the mattress to the desired room.

            Once the Wolf mattress has been pulled from the box and the plastic sleeve removed, the mattress will expand and return to its original shape within 48 hours. While the mattress may take time to fully expand, it can support a person’s weight right away.

            If it’s been ten years or more, if your mattress is causing you pain, or if you’re having difficulty sleeping, stop counting sheep and sleep with a Wolf!

Learn how simple it is to unbox a Wolf Mattress:

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