Air Mattresses – Why We Say No to Them

Air mattresses are lightweight inflatable beds made from rubber, fabric, or a type of urethane plastic. You can take out your air mattress when you have guests over or when you’re camping outdoors. However, for some people, an air mattress is a long-term option.

Are they making a wise choice? For their back and sleep, they’re not. An air mattress, when compared to the other high-tech mattresses out there, is not a good decision at all. What about you? Are you in the market to buy an air mattress? Let’s tell you why you need to say no to them then.

1.      One Person Moves, the Entire Bed Moves

If you share a bed with your loved one, check-in with your partner. They may be having sleepless nights. Since the air creates a solid block, the slightest movement in one area can cause the motion to transfer across the bed. If your partner is a light sleeper, they’ll wake up each time you move, and believe us; you don’t want to wake up to a cranky partner each morning.

2.      Sleep on a Hot or Cold Bed

In the winter, you’ll sleep on a cold bed, and in the summer, you’ll sleep on a hot bed. That doesn’t sound too appealing if you ask us. The air in the mattress isn’t temperature neutral, so it traps heat. Its vinyl material isn’t breathable, and it will make sleeping in the summers unbearable. You’ll feel clammy and sticky. If you generally feel hot, an air mattress will make you miserable. Come winter, the air mattress will remain cool, as there is no heat in the air to trap.

3.      Aggravate Your Medical Conditions

If you have chronic back pain, joint pain, are overweight, or you’re expecting a child, the air mattress will only aggravate your medical condition. If you don’t have back pain, you may develop it by sleeping on the air mattress within a few months, if not weeks, of sleeping on it.

If you’re looking for the right firmness to support your spine, you won’t find it on an air mattress. There’s no middle ground. Either it’ll be too soft or too firm and never just right! By sleeping on the air mattress for several months or years, you’re likely to experience long-term misalignment, which can result in long-term chronic back problems.

4.      Requires Routine Maintenance

You’ll need to pump the air mattress with air as it loses air over time. At other times, it’ll deflate as you sleep on it. They’re prone to leaks, and you’ll need to patch them up from time to time. Your air mattress will come with a pump and a repair kit, but do you really want to go through the hassle of pumping it with air and repairing it routinely?

For short-term use or for those unexpected guests and outdoor excursions, get an air mattress, but for a permanent solution, go with Wolf Corporation – we know our mattresses!

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