A Good Night’s Sleep Starts with a Dark Room and the Right Mattress

If you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while, it may be because your room isn’t dark, quiet, and cool. How dark should you make your room? Make your room as dark as you can, while also not making it so dark you can’t safely navigate the room. You’ll know your room isn’t dark enough when you can still see objects clearly.

Sleep takes time to arrive, and sometimes, we don’t sleep until our eyes start to ache a little, or we can’t keep them open them anymore. Before we know it, a lot of time has elapsed since then, and now, you have three hours until you get up for work. A simple solution to a good night’s sleep is a dark room.

A Dark Room Boosts Melatonin Production

Light at night slows down melatonin production—your body’s natural sleep aid. Darkened rooms at night help boosts melatonin production. Your brain will produce the sleep hormone in large quantities to induce sleep naturally. Your brain has strict rules regarding melatonin production. It needs all the natural and artificial light to disappear, and then it will produce the sleep hormone. Here’s how to make it dark:

1.     Install Blackout Shades

Thick and heavy blackout shades or curtains prevent light from streaming into your bedroom from the outside. If you’re a daytime sleeper, blackout shades are essential to a good night’s sleep. The sun may not cause you to wake up completely, but it will play a negative role in affecting your sleep quality.

2.     Wear an Eye Mask

We know an eye mask isn’t the solution for everyone, but if you’re not on board with blackout shades, an eye mask can rescue you from sleepless nights. An eye mask can promote melatonin production and help you sleep faster.  

3.     Turn Off Blue Light Electronics

Your sleep’s biggest enemy is the blue light electronics. Blue light electronics such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones will disrupt your sleep pattern, causing you to stay awake the entire night. It can lead to insomnia if you don’t control the number of hours you use your device. It would be ideal if you don’t use your blue light electronics before or in bed.

If you can’t turn off your device, put it away. When the device is further from your reach, you won’t be tempted to use it. Blue light alerts your brain, reduces melatonin levels, and alters your body clock. Blue light dupes your brain into thinking that it’s still daylight.

Do you know what else plays a crucial role in not helping you fall asleep faster? — Your mattress.

You spend a third of each day in bed. If you keep tossing and turning even if you’ve blocked all the light, started wearing an eye mask, and stopped using your blue light devices, your mattress is to blame.

A bad mattress affects your health, which is worsened by a lack of sleep. If you sleep better, you can live longer. Sleep repairs your body, strengthens your immune system, and reduces the risk of falling sick with a cold or a chronic illness.

What Type of Mattress Should You Get?

The characteristics of a good mattress are that it adapts to your spine’s natural curvature while evenly distributing pressure along your body and regulating your body temperature accurately. A low-quality mattress increases your body’s temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. It also makes your breathing irregular.

You want a mattress that treats your body like royalty and fulfills its mission to help you sleep better and for longer. You need Wolf Corporation’s mattress in your life. Check out our collection of mattresses today.

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