6 Tips to Sleep Better in an RV

There is nothing like falling into bed after a long, tiring, adventurous day on the road. For RVers, however, the night’s sleep isn’t always a pleasurable experience. Away from the comforts of their home, RVers do not always get the perfect sleeping environment, which could hamper their sleep and ruin their RV life experience.

While it may be difficult to get a home-like sleeping environment in an RV because you’re literally sleeping in a new place almost every day, there are several things that you can do to make it more relaxing and comfortable. Here are some tried and tested tips to getting a good night’s sleep in an RV:

1.     Choose a Well-Insulated Camper

This one is for those who haven’t bought the RV yet. When evaluating your options, try to go for the one with higher insulation. These campers are essentially designed for a wide range of climates. However, the insulation also works to block out the noise, which can aid in better sleep quality.

2.     Have Double-Pane Windows

If you’re buying an RV or upgrading your existing one, choose to have double-pane windows to make the insides quieter, which then would allow for better sleep.

Windows, vents, and doors are the major weak points in campers when it comes to noise. Double-pane windows not only help reduce the noise, but they also provide added insulation, help stabilize the inside temperature, and improve energy efficiency.  

3.     Get a Good Quality RV Mattress

Even though RVs are not new, most of the RV mattresses available out there do not just cut them when it comes to quality. Instead, they are thin, stiff, and uncomfortable. So make sure you have a high-quality RV mattress from Wolf Corporation to sleep tight every night in your camper.

At Wolf Mattress, we offer the best quality RV mattresses to provide you utmost (home-like) comfort while you’re on the road. Check out our RV mattress collection to pick one for your home or van!

4.     Consider Using a Sound Machine

Campgrounds can get very noisy, which obviously makes it difficult to fall and/or stay asleep. A sound machine can come in handy in noisy conditions. Consider investing in a sound machine to cancel the outside voices and sleep comfortably in your RV.

5.     Use Blackout Curtains for Light

In addition to noise, light is another big concern for many campers. If you’re one of those people who cannot sleep even if there is the tiniest amount of light, consider using blackout curtains to block off light from other campers or the sun.

6.     Extend the Leveling Jacks Fully

Strong winds and fellow travelers’ movements can rock your parked vehicle a lot more than you could imagine.

If you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night feeling like kids are jumping around in your camper, make sure to fully extend the leveling jacks when parking your vehicle. Believe it or not, it can make a huge difference in your camper’s stability. These are some tips from experienced campers to sleep better in an RV. They help create a comfortable and peaceful home-like sleeping environment even when you’re miles away from home. Follow them to improve the quality of your sleep while you’re out exploring the world.

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