5 Tips for Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule to DST Ending Soon

We experience time change every day but only change our clocks twice a year. The first time occurs in the spring when we lose an hour of sleep as we ‘spring ahead’ an hour, and the second time is when we ‘fall back’ (asleep) an hour in the fall. The days are becoming shorter now and the nights are getting longer. It’s almost time to make the shift to ending daylight saving time (DTS).

While it may be an automatic shift for our devices, our bodies can’t adjust to the daylight saving time starting or ending automatically. We require some conscious efforts to adjust our internal clock. As daylight saving time ends November 7th, we thought we would help you by sharing our five top tips to help you adjust.

Let’s have a look!

1.   Ensure 7 to 8 Hours of Sleep

The best way to transition to the time change smoothly is by ensuring you still get the proper amount of sleep every night, irrespective of the DTS change – that’s at least 7 to 8 hours every night. When you go to sleep at the same time as before, it’s easier for your body to adjust to the new time. Even though it is tempting to stay up late or sleep longer, having a set schedule helps you sleep better each night.

2.   Slow Down Your Body before Bed

While it may be tempting to drink caffeinated beverages before bed so you can stay up later and feel more exhausted when you fall asleep, it actually has the opposite effect. With the gaining of an hour with DTS ending, that may be more time for the caffeine to wear off, but it still impacts your sleep in a bad way. Avoiding caffeinated drinks or teas before bed will help slow down your body and allow you ease of mind to rest and eventually fall asleep on time.

3.   Regulate Your Internal Clock by Stepping Outside

Don’t forget to take in the beautiful and warm sun in the mornings. After all, the winter sun feels amazing when the rays heat you up amid a cold breeze. More importantly, it greatly helps adjust your internal clock and can help with some seasonal depression. It is scientifically proven that shorter days greatly affect one’s mood. So taking in the morning winter sun helps brighten up your day and your mood.

4.   Squeeze In a Nap in the Afternoon

Obviously, if you continue following a clock for when you sleep and wake up, the afternoons can become challenging. It can be difficult getting up in the morning when all you want to do is roll up like a burrito in bed. So don’t shy away from squeezing in a nap in the afternoon, typically after lunch. It will allow you an extra 30 minutes or an hour of sleep as well as a smooth transition into DST ending.

5.   Make Sure Your Bedding and Mattress Are Comfortable

Lastly, you do not want to disregard the importance of comfortable bedding, especially the mattress. You require something that warms you up during the winter nights yet allows significant ventilation to keep you from getting too hot. And guess what? Wolf Corporation has the perfect mattresses just to suit your winter needs. Take a look at our Wolf Mattress collection and buy your perfect mattress for a sound sleep as DST ends soon.

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