4 Benefits of Sleeping on Your Back

Do you pay attention to how you sleep on your bed, or are you someone who sleeps in the same position year after year? Whether you’re the former or the latter, if you’re not sleeping on your back, you’re missing out on the fantastic benefits related to it.

Sleeping positions matter! Your overall health and well-being depend on it.

How do you choose your preferred sleep position? Do you choose it, or does it choose you?

We think we can all agree that we just sleep in a position we find the most comfort in.

However, some people don’t have just one favorite sleep position, but several. Your chosen sleep position shouldn’t depend on preference, but on your age, gender, and pre-existing medical conditions such as back pain.

Although there’s no one right way to sleep, there is an ideal sleep position with many health benefits, and it’s sleeping on your back.

1.     Promotes Spinal Alignment

Sleeping on your back promotes spinal alignment. It decreases the likelihood of waking up with aches, pains, and stiffness. You can further reduce your risk of experiencing pains and aches in the morning by placing a small pillow under your knees.

The small pillow technique places less stress on your back. Also, invest in a good pillow to support your head and your neck’s natural curvature. Sleeping on the back relaxes the muscles in your back and promotes improved neck and mid and lower back alignment.

2.     Reduces Chronic Pain and Inflammation

When you sleep on your back, it reduces compression and pressure, which in return, alleviates chronic pain such as in the joints due to arthritis or other inflammatory medical conditions. When you sleep on your back, it uniformly disperses and distributes your weight around the widest area of your body, hence putting less tension and stress on pressure points.

You can further reduce stress on pressure points by investing in a memory foam mattress or on a Wolf hybrid mattress, which also distributes your weight evenly, supports your body’s natural curvature, and promotes relaxed and pain-free sleep.

3.     Alleviates Sinus Build-up

Sleeping on your back ends the struggle of waking up with sinus build-up and allergies. Sleeping on your back elevates your head and neck and allows you to breathe easily and clearly. Other sleep positions cause mucus to collect in the sinuses at night, especially when you’re sleeping with your head facing down.

People with sinus issues sleep with their head in an elevated position, keeping the head above the heart. This position will prevent the blood flow going into your nose, obstruct your nasal passages, and from disrupting your sleep.

4.     Reduces Wrinkles on Face and Neck

Sleeping on your back benefits your skin because it prevents wrinkles from forming on your face and neck.

When you sleep on your side or your stomach, it stretches, compresses, and tightens your skin, leading to wrinkles. Sleeping on your back also reduces your contact with germ-infested pillowcases, which then reduces skin irritation and breakouts.

Will you be sleeping on your back from now? If you said yes, why don’t we start by buying a new mattress? Start sleeping on your back on a mattress that provides the ultimate comfort throughout the night.

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