1991-2015: Booms and Busts for the Mattress Industry

tonyThe following is from BedTimes Magazine, November 2015:  Tony Wolf, 4th generation and current CEO of Wolf Corporation, was head of the ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) in 1997 when the open flame standard for mattresses was in the making.  In December of 1997 he sent a letter to members:  “The ISPA Board of Trustees has unanimously decided to direct ISPA staff to begin working with the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) to explore the possibility of modifying the existing flammability standard to also address the risk of mattress fires caused by open-flame ignition.  Our understanding is that the CPSC inevitably will proceed on this issue;  ISPA’s involvement in that process is critical to assuring the combustibility hazard is effectively addressed, while maintaining the level playing field which is so crucial to the health and welfare of our companies.”   In 2001 it became clear that the move from a cigarette burn to an open flame test for mattresses would become the standard.  Thanks to ISPA, Tony and the other Board Members for their involvement during this time.  Sweet Dreams tonight knowing your mattress is safe.

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