101 Nights: A Celebration of the Number “101”

In honor of our 101 night trial, here are some fun things to do with the number “101”!

At Wolf Mattress, we want to make sure that you feel confident in your purchase of a new mattress – it’s a big investment, so it’s important to get it right. 

That’s why every purchase of a Wolf mattress from www.wolfmattress.com or from our Factory Direct Store comes with a 101 Night Home Trial. To celebrate our trial, we thought we’d present a few fun things about the number 101. 

So, without further ado, here’s a list of the coolest, strangest, and most fun facts related to the number 101! 

Science and Math

  1. The number “101” itself is often used in college courses and in common parlance to refer to basic concepts, such as Chemistry 101. 
  2. 101 is a “sexy prime triplet” with 107 and 113 – weird, we know, but we promise it’s not risque! Bonus Fact: The term sexy prime is actually a pun: it just means that the two prime numbers differ by 6 from each other. 
  3. 101 in binary indicates the number “5”.
  4. A traditional computer keyboard consists of 101 keys. 
  5. Error code 101 in the HTTP status codes indicates that “The requester has asked the server to switch protocols and the server has agreed to do so.” 
  6. 101 is the atomic number for the element mendelevium (Md), which is used exclusively for scientific research. One atom of mendelevium also has 101 electrons!

Culture and Geography

  1. 101 days is how long it took jet ski adventurer Mike Straub of Omaha, NE to complete the “Great Loop,” a journey which circles the eastern third of the USA. 
  2. In 101 days in 2015, Mala Ramharose gave herself 1 million positive affirmations. That’s 10,000 affirmations per day! 
  3. The number “101” in Hindu practice is considered auspicious – so much so that 101 rupees is a common gift for newlyweds as a wish for “blissful abundance.” When gifting someone with any amount of rupees (Indian currency), it is traditional to give in values of ten or a hundred plus one (51, 101, etc.). The reasons why are various, but it’s generally considered a blessing or good omen to include the extra rupee.
  4. The 101st meridian east runs through Russia, Mongolia, the People’s Republic of China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  5. 101 AD: The Roman emperor Trajan expanded the limits of the Roman Empire by attacking Dacia (the land occupied by the present-day countries of Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Ukraine).
  6. James Lawrence, aka the Iron Cowboy, completed 101 Iron-distance (140.6 miles) triathlons in 101 consecutive days. He’ll need a HUGE rest after all of that intense exercise!

Media and Entertainment

  1. There are more books that start with “101” than “100”, according to Books in Print. The extra “1” implies just a liiiittle extra information than the standard 100.  
  2. Katherine Johnson, world-famous NASA mathematician and inspiration behind the film Hidden Figures, lived to the age of 101. Bonus Fact: There are 62 notable people listed on Wikipedia that are 101 years of age as of April 20, 2023.
  3. 101 Dalmatians is an obvious first choice for a list like this – The 101 dogs in question are 99 puppies plus two adults, Pongo and Perdita. Released in 1961, the movie pulled Disney out of a financial slump and became the eighth-highest grossing film of the year.
  4. The first movie to gross $101 million (not adjusted for inflation) was Jaws in the summer of 1975. 
  5. “Zoey 101” was a Nickelodeon TV show starring Jamie Lynn Spears. The show followed Zoey Brooks as she attends a fictional California boarding school, lasted for 4 seasons, and had 61 episodes. 
  6. “101 Days” is a 2001 short film starring Dennis E. Garber and Angelina Torres. The synopsis reads, “An old woman says her goodbyes, leaving a quiet trail of bullets behind her.” Talk about attention-grabbing!
  7. How to be Happy in 101 Days,” is a poem written by Tishani Doshi, published by Copper Canyon Press. The poem itself, however, is only 73 lines. 
  8. Shakespeare’s Sonnet 101 (of 154), “O truant muse, what shall be thy amends,” is primarily addressed to his muse. She hadn’t been giving him inspiration as of late.
    To that, we’re sure many writers can relate!
  9. “Room 101” is a torture chamber in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four that supposedly contained “the worst thing in the world.” Room 101 is now a trope, indicating a place worse than death. Bonus Fact: Reportedly, Orwell named it after a room in the BBC Broadcasting House where he would suffer through awful meetings.

What’s your favorite fact about the number 101? Is there one we missed? Let us know!

Want to learn more about our 101 Night Home Trial? If you’re interested in the specifics, read more here. But the concept is easy and simple – sleep on your mattress for at least 30 nights and up to 101 nights. If you don’t love it, Wolf will exchange or refund your mattress to ensure that you’re completely satisfied. 

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